Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Appeal Process

At the end of each spring semester, students not making satisfactory academic progress will be notified via email that they are no longer eligible to receive financial aid.

If the student has lost eligibility because of failure to meet the minimum SAP requirements, and feel that severe or unusual circumstances have kept them from making progress toward their degree, the student may appeal. The SAP Appeal form is found in the Financial Aid Forms Library. The SAP Appeal form should be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office within three weeks of email notification.

Requirements for Making an Appeal

  • A personal letter/email from Student to his/her Financial Aid Advisor is required. The letter should explain student's mitigating circumstances.
  • Mitigating circumstances are considered to be any circumstance that prevents the student from successfully completing the required number of hours attempted or earning the required 2.000 cumulative GPA necessary for satisfactory academic progress.
  • Examples of mitigating circumstances - student illness, family illness, other family problems, emotional upsets, interpersonal problems with other students, problems adjusting to college life, balancing school, work, etc.  (the FA Advisor has the responsibility, using professional judgment, to determine if other circumstances documented by the student can be considered)
  • The Student's Academic Advisor should sign the Appeals Instructions Letter for the student confirming student was advised that Financial Aid may be in jeopardy if a 2.000 cumulative GPA and full time enrollment are not maintained. A detailed  course plan will be require for students  with a GPA of  less than 1.8 and/or a completion rate of less than 70%.
  • If the SAP Appeal is approved, the students will be responsible to follow specific conditions to maintain their financial eligibility for each term during that academic year. The student will be notified via email of the conditions. This email will suggest that the student can receive help with classes if needed through resources offered at The Learning Enhancement Center. This on campus center offers help with class-work for all enrolled students through tutoring, testing, and counseling.  The Advisor should also attach a document to the email giving student information, location, phone number and website of the LEC.  
  • If the SAP Appeal is denied, the Financial Aid Advisor will notify the student via email and the student will be responsible for all costs associated with your enrollment during the academic year.