Late Payment Fee Dispute

Do not dispute a past due fee on the late payment fee dispute site.
No automatic one-time reversal of the late payment fee.
Please allow up to 3 weeks for reply to your dispute.

Do not dispute a late payment fee

  1. if the account balance has not been cleared.
  2. after the last day of the term.
  3. if the payment was posted after the invoice (bill) payment due date.
  4. if you have received the late payment fee before.
  5. if you have received a late payment fee reversal before.
  6. if the financial aid was accepted late by the student.
  7. if the loan process was not completed for the funds to be here by the payment due date.
  8. if you missed the payment due date because you were out of town.
  9. filed your taxes late.
  10. if it took longer to wire the money from out of the country.

Please review the dispute-eligibility policy (above) before completing the following form:

REASON (must provide supporting documentation)