Additional Charges

SMU Bursar

Additional Charges 2014-2015

AARO Orientation Fee (Non-refundable)
First-year Student $335
All Transfer Students $170

Academic Prelude Program Fee $1,500

Administrative Add/Drop Fee (including nonattendance) $25

Administrative Work Authorization Fee
Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorization fee $100
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) extension OPT work authorization fee $100

*Fee for former international students

Admission Deposit (Non-refundable)
Cox School of Business (except Cox Executive M.B.A.) $1,000
Cox Executive M.B.A. $2,800
Dedman School of Law (J.D. and LL.M.) $400
SMU Abroad
One- and two-term programs $1,000
Summer programs $1,000

Advance Housing Payment (Non-refundable) $100

Advanced Placement credit records fee (per course) $25

Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Undergraduate $60
SMU Abroad (non-SMU students) $50
Cox School of Business
Visiting Students, Readmission, Courses for Credit After Graduation $75
International Course Registration $100
M.S. in Finance $90
Dedman College Graduate $75
Dedman College IEP (English as a Second Language) $50
Dedman School of Law (J.D. and LL.M.) $75
Lyle School of Engineering - Graduate $75
Meadows School of the Arts $75
Perkins School of Theology (C.M.M., M.Div., M.T.S., D.Min.) $50
Simmons School of Education and Human Development $35

Audit (per credit hour)
Undergraduate and Graduate (per term credit hour) $295
Dedman School of Law (per term credit hour) $1,420
Lyle School of Engineering $1,350
  May & August Term
  June Summer Term

Direct Charge Policy

SMU permits students to have purchases from the SMU Bookstore charged directly to their miscellaneous student accounts. Charges are billed monthly and are due on the date specified on the bill. Students with outstanding balances on their miscellaneous account will be charged 1.5 percent monthly on the past due balance. Students who have an outstanding balance during their tenure at SMU may lose the privilege to use direct charges from the SMU Bookstore. Students with repeated delinquencies on the account and/or returned checks will lose the privilege for the remainder of their matriculation at SMU.

Fraternity and Sorority Facility Use Fees* Cost varies per chapter
*A facility use fee is a building usage fee charged to ALL members of a fraternity or sorority if their chapter house is owned by SMU

Graduation and Diploma Fees
Late Application to Graduate $25
Replacement Diploma - Bachelor's $37.50
Replacement Diploma - Master's/Doctoral/Professional $47.50
Redesignated Degree $45
Major Added to Diploma $45
Certified Diploma (apostille) - 3 copies $15

Health Center Fee
Required fee Fall and Spring Terms only (per term)
Undergrad 12 hours or more (not residing in a residence hall) $100
Undergrad less than 12 hours (not residing in a residence hall) $50
Study Abroad No charge
Taos No charge
The Guildhall (new incoming class only) $50
Graduate (Main Location) 1 hour or more (not residing in a residence hall) $50
Summer (All Students) $50 per visit
Health Center No-Show Fee
No-show fee - Medical $20
No-show fee - Counseling $20
The mission of the SMU Health Service is to provide quality, caring, cost effective and convenient ambulatory healthcare and health education services in association with other university departments that promote lifestyles and enhance academic productivity leading to satisfying and rewarding college experiences.

Beginning in fall 2013, a new fee for health services will be included in the student tuition and fees. The fee is mandatory for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the Dallas and Plano campuses, and is separate from any mandatory insurance costs.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the fee is:
  • $100 per term for full-time undergraduates
  • $50 per term for part-time undergraduates
  • $50 per term for all graduate students
The fee allows the University to enhance health care facilities and services for students, including increased access to specialists and mental health counselors

It is important to note that students also are required to maintain health insurance to cover the costs of specialty care, prescriptions, emergency care, inpatient care, and other off-campus health services. This requirement can be met either by purchasing the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or an alternative insurance plan that has comparable benefits.

All SMU students paying tuition and fees, including the Health Services Fee, are eligible for the following services at no additional cost, and are distinct from those covered by SHIP or a student's private health insurance. Students who are in programs that do not charge fees, including the general student fee and the new Health Services Fee, can pay at the time of service.

Primary care medical services at the Health Center at no additional cost, including:
  • Medical appointments during weekday hours
  • Access to convenient pharmacy on the premises
  • Influenza vaccinations
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), including:
  • Psychological evaluation and short-term therapy
  • Initial psychiatric medication evaluation
  • 24-hour crisis on-call services
Health Education programs, including:
  • Alcohol and other drug evaluation and education
  • Nutrition counseling and education
  • Sexual health and relationships consultation and education

Late Housing Cancellation Charge 5% of
housing contract
Loft Modification $50
Dorm Cleaning $50
Lost Key Charges
One Cylinder $50
Two Cylinder $75
Three Cylinder $100
Four Cylinder $125
Five Cylinder or more $150
Lost Key Charge: SMU-in-Taos $50

Insurance for SMU Abroad
Enrollment for Full Academic Year $400
Enrollment for less than Full Academic Year $200

International Student Fee (per term) $50

Library Late Charge (per book) .50 per day max. $15

(There are lost/replacement charges, processing fees and overdue/late fines that have varying amounts depending on count and type of items involved.)

SMU is committed to the health and well-being of all students. The Student Health Center is here to serve and provide students with medical care while attending the University. In order to ensure that students have appropriate health care coverage, a mandatory health insurance requirement was passed by the President's Executive Council in February 2008. This mandatory health insurance policy requires domestic students, both undergraduate and graduate, enrolled in nine or more credit hours to maintain insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. All international students enrolled in one or more credit hours must enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), unless they receive a special waiver personally granted by the SMU Insurance Department.

SMU has partnered with Academic HealthPlans and BlueCross BlueShield of Texas to offer those students in need of health insurance coverage a student-focused comprehensive medical plan designed to provide convenient and affordable access to medical care whether students are at school, at home or traveling or studying abroad. To view the SHIP benefits brochure, please visit

SMU's mandatory policy requires those students with enrolled status mentioned above to provide documentation of comparable current insurance coverage or to enroll in the SHIP on a term basis. Students will do so by selecting the "Health Insurance" button in the Student Center component of my.SMU after they have enrolled for classes each term. Domestic students already maintaining their own private coverage must waive SHIP coverage prior to the deadlines, which are August 29 for fall 2014 and January 23 for spring/summer 2015, in order to avoid automatic enrollment into SHIP and thereby having the semi-annual premium of $1142 applied to their University accounts.


Spring/Summer Summer (only)
Dates Covered
8/13/14 - 1/9/15
1/10/15 - 8/12/15
5/17/15 - 8/12/15
8/29/14 1/23/15 6/4/15
Rate $1,142 $1,142 $564

Matriculation Fee (Non-refundable)  
Undergraduate $250

Student Media
Fall Term
Option A: Fall and spring subscription to The Daily Campus and a copy of the Rotunda Yearbook $180
Option B: Copy of the Rotunda Yearbook $70
Spring Term
Option A: Single spring subscription to The Daily Campus and a copy of the Rotunda Yearbook $140
Option B: Copy of the Rotunda Yearbook $70
Sports Pack (students paying less than the maximum general student fee) $90
Meadows Art Series $30

Other Program Costs for SMU Abroad **
Internships: China
Internships: London Business $3,100
Internships:London Communication $3,600
Internships: Sydney $3,100
WHU Summer Institute: Business, Political and Cultural Environment in Europe
SMU-in-Bali: Arts, Culture and Music
SMU-in-China: Language $100
SMU-in-Costa Rica: Spanish Language
SMU-in-Edinburgh: Media Arts and Creative Computing
SMU-in-Germany: Culture, History and Music
SMU-in-Italy: Archaeology in Italy (3 hours) $1,200
SMU-in-Italy: Archaeology in Italy (6 hours) $400
SMU-in-Italy: Arts and Culture $400
SMU-in-London: Arts $1,600
SMU-in-London: Communications $2,100
SMU-in-Lugano: Italian Language
SMU-in-Madrid: Advanced Spanish $1,600
SMU-in-Moscow: Russian Language and Culture
SMU-in-Oxford $2,600
SMU-in-Paris: History
SMU-in-Prague $2,700
SMU-in-South Africa $1,100

**Includes on-site housing, course excursions and other logistics. Some may include meals.

Payment Plan Application Fees
4 Month Payment Plan per term $75
5 Month Payment Plan per term $65
6 Month Payment Plan per term $50
8 Month Payment Plan per year $150
10 Month Payment Plan per year $130
12 Month Payment Plan per year $100
Summer 2014 Payment Plan $75
Internal Payment Plan Fee $75

Penalty Fees
Late Payment Fee (student account outstanding balances
$250 to $999.99)
Late Payment Fee (student account outstanding balances $1,000 to $5,000) $150
Late Payment Fee (student account outstanding balances
over $5,000)
3% (up to max $750)
Lyle Weekend Late Penalty (deferred payment accounts) $250
Past Due Fee (student and miscellaneous accounts) 1.5% per month
on unpaid balance
Full-time Students (begins 1st day after add/drop) $200 (+ $50/week)
Part-time Students (begins 1st day after add/drop) $100 (+ $25/week)
Returned Check/Credit Card Chargeback fee $30
Replacement ID (Lost, Stolen, or Damaged) $30
Replacement Parking Permit $30
PONY EXPRESS Cash Processing Fee (nongraduating students) $30
Transit Pass $5
Transit Pass Replacement $30

Post Office Box Rental (included in room rate)
Fall and Spring Term (nonresident students and other box holders) per term $45
Summer Session (nonresident students and other box holders) per term $35
Full Year - Fall, Spring, and Summer (nonrefundable - all resident students) $85
New students entering in Spring Term (nonrefundable - all resident students) $45
Resident Assistant $45

SMU Police Department Fees
Incident Report Copy $10
Fingerprints $20
Moving Violation $60
Reckless driving, failure to stop at stop sign, driving wrong way, no seat belt
Disabled Space $300
No Parking Zone $40
Violation of Suspension $80
Double Parking $40
Blocking Drive/Crosswalk $40
Parking on Grass $40
No Valid Decal $30
Improperly Displayed Decal $30
Car Towed/Booted $80
Parking in Fire Lane $150
Violation of Timed Parking $30
Vehicle Impoundment $30/day

Parking and ID Card Services  
Parking Permits  
Annual (students taking more than 9 term credit hours) $290
Spring term only (students taking more than 9 term credit hours) $150
Annual (students taking 9 term credit hours or fewer) $150
Spring term only (students taking 9 term credit hours or fewer) $75
Summer only $50

Thesis Fee  
Microfilm copy $17

Transcript Fee  
Initial request $12.25
Each additional transcript in the same request mailed to the same address $3.50
Each additional transcript in the same request mailed to a different address $12.25
Delivery options additional fees
  Electronic pdf
  Express delivery U.S.
  Express delivery Mexico
  Express delivery International