Current Projects

Civic Engagement (19)

Junior Julianna Bond is developing a viable model of organic and sustainable micro-farming techniques as part of the SMU Community Garden project. (Major: MNO; Mentor: Dr. Elaine Heath)

Senior Delanah Colbert is working with UBELONG in Cusco, Peru to develop and deliver a culturally relevant health education program addressing nutritional disorders. (Major: INTL; Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Smith-Morris) 

Senior Parminder Deo is contributing to the SMU residential commons initiative by researching the University of Oxford’s long-standing residential commons model. (Major: BIOL, JOUR; Mentor: Dr. Dan Orlovsky) 

Senior Zachary Friske, along with Mustang EMS and SMU Office of Risk Management, is creating a SMU Cardiovascular Incident Prevention/Response Program. (Major: BIOCHM; Mentor: Mr. Lee Arning) 

Junior Hanan Hassan, while volunteering with Vision on Africa, is developing a life skills tool kit of basic business concepts as a result of working with economically deprived women and youth of Yeka sub-city, Ethiopia. (Major: ACCT, ENGL; Mentor: Dr. Maribeth Kuenzi)  

Senior Taylor Henry is researching, develop and implement a sustainable, scalable and replicable system to provide drinking water to a Honduran community that relies only on solar energy. (Major: CE; Mentor: Dr. Andrew Quicksall)
 Senior Elle Holbrook is developing methods for monitoring and controlling necessary water quality parameters to ensure drinking water is clean and safe for consumption. (Major: BSCE; Mentor: Dr. Andrew Quicksall

Senior Ghazala Janmohamed is assembling traveling displays of archeological and ethnographic materials from Picuris Pueblo, presently stored at SMU-in-Taos, to educate the public about the long span of human occupation in the Northern Rio Grande region, New Mexico. (Major: ANTH, INTL; Mentor: Dr. Mike Adler) 

Junior Danielle Katz is using her Spanish skills and education minor to volunteer at an over-populated kindergarten in Cuzco, Peru through the non-profit UBELONG. (Majors:  SPAN; Mentor: Dr. Renata Égüez)

Junior Derek Phanekham is working on the SMU Community Garden project with the intent to develop it as an interdisciplinary learning site to learn about viable, small scale agricultural models transferable to blighted urban neighborhoods. (Major: CSE, MATH; Mentor: Dr. Elaine Heath) 

Junior Daisuke Takeda is expanding Green Riba, an e-commerce and traditional micro-finance storefront, to connect West Dallas and SMU-based artists to larger, national markets. (Major: FINA; Mentor: Ms. Regina Nippert) 

Junior Lucy Yu, with Global Medical Brigades Panama,  is coordinating a doctor shadowing experience this summer for pre-health students with the intent to develop a SMU Medical Brigades club. (Major: MATH; Mentor: Miroslava Detcheva) 

Continuing from 2012
Senior Drake Frank is modifying a stationary diesel engine to run off of coconut oil to be introduced to Kenyan families to provide sustainable energy through Kenyan Agriculture Commodity Exchange Ltd. (Major: ME; Mentor: Dr. Tindaro Ioppolo) 
Senior Sarah Montonchaikul learned conservation techniques last summer at the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project, Italy, and is now documenting the process as instructional materials for the project. (Major: ARHS, FL; Mentor: Dr. Greg Warden) 

Senior Richard Nixon is expanding a group microfinance project into Vickery Meadow with the creation of business development workshops. (Major: ME; Mentor: Mr. Jim Bryan) 
Junior Ashley Wali worked with the Nari Project in Bangladesh to address needs of women suffering from domestic violence and is now using skills learned with the local non-profit at the Genesis Women Shelter. (Major: BA; Mentor: Dr. Rick Halperin)