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Senior Joshua Abramovitch is creating a simple and inexpensive device that can be used to accurately measure gamma and x-ray flux and calculate radiation dose rates. (Major: PHYS, ME; Mentor: Dr. Andy Liu)

 Senior Yazen Abusad is researching the mechanics of nitric oxide autoxidation (Major: BIOCHM; Mentor: Dr. Peng Tao)

Senior Goke Akinniranye is determining whether stereotype threat and solo status appearing together has a greater negative impact on academic performance than either of them individually.  (Major:  PSYC, MKCL; Mentor:  Dr. Anthony Cortese)

Senior Mariam Alaka is working at an orphanage in Nigeria that serves children whose parents have succumbed to AIDS and while there gauge children’s knowledge and prevention of HIV/AIDS. (Major: PSYC; Mentor: Dr. George Holden)

Senior Raha Assadi is studying the effectiveness of a dropout prevention program in Plano Independent School District directed towards Hispanic girls. (Major: SOCI, SPAN; Mentor: Dr. Sheri Kunovich)

Senior Lauryn Bodden has begun a food as culture project locally and, while studying in London, is expanding her knowledge of the glocal food movement, comparing Londoners’ attitudes about food and eating habits with Americans. (Major: APSM, COMM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch)
Senior Daniel Brock is exploring, through self and social awareness, how ethical decision-making for the energy industry and lawmakers can be both profitable and free of political and personal biases. (Major: MNO; Mentor: Maria Richards)

Senior Kevin Bruemmer is developing original 13C MRI contrast agents to detect chemical species important in clinical and biological processes. (Major: CHEM; Mentor: Dr. Alex Lippert) 

Senior Morgan Cain is researching economic, socio-political and personal movements impacting organizational structures in Moscow to identify key relationship and factors that will lead to the widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices (Major: ECON, MKCL; Mentor: Anne Lincoln)

Junior Aaron Chu is evaluating the performance of the iFlame laser transmitter before, during and after irradiation to examine its viability for usage on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. (Major: ME; Mentor: Dr. Annie Xiang) 

Junior Fantine Giap is developing cancer information pamphlets to patients in Vietnam and a mathematical model to assess the spread of health knowledge in Vietnamese public hospitals. (Major:  BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Thomas Carr) 

Senior Michael Graves is researching effective communication practices of the United Methodist church and will contribute to a chapter of Dr. Dixon’s book, In Between Sundays – Strategic Communication in the Church. (Major: COMM, RELI; Mentor: Dr. Maria Dixon) 

Senior Derek Hawkes is researching the successes and failures of technology usage by orchestras for revenue-increasing purposes, and will publish mobile use guidelines for similar groups. (Major: PERB, AMAE; Mentor:  Dr. Maria Dixon)
Senior Jeffrey He is researching the cultural effects of the Western fast food industry on China. (Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Guangyan Chen) 

Junior Preston Hutcherson will enroll in the same humanities course at two institutions, SMU and Richland College, to be able to answer to what extent is the value of a course tied to the amount we pay for it. (Major: ENGL; Mentor: Dr. Tim Cassedy) 
Senior Kirsten Johansson is researching the environmental laws of the United States and Australia and will provide policy recommendations for the United States with ways to improve the effectiveness of ocean policies and improve the quality of oceans. (Major: ENVR, PP; Mentor: Dr. H. Troy Stuckey) 
Junior Janice Kim is assessing the health and cancer literacy of Vietnamese women and will explore various sources from which these women are able to obtain their health information. (Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Smith-Morris) 
Junior Christina Lollar is researching sulfur ylide and will develop a novel sulfur ylide mediated synthetic technique for the preparation of benzil derivatives. (Major: BIOCHM, FREN; Mentor: Dr. Lippert)
Senior Emily Mankowski is researching the historical racism of the Aboriginal people in Australia to shed light on present-day discrimination as well as efforts to remediate discrimination. (Major: HRTS; PLSC; Mentor: Dr. Rick Halperin)

Senior Ricky Mouser is using actual SMU data to statistically analyze, model, and present both the positive and concerning trends of undergraduate student research growth.  (Major:  PHIL, STAT, PSYC, SPAN; Mentor:  Dr. Robert Kehoe) 

Junior Kyle Nakatsuka is researching urban revitalization in communities with deep socioeconomic needs and strong movements towards cultural self-determination, comparing contemporary Native American communities of Taos and Hawai’i. (Major: BIOL, SPAN, LAAM, HRTS; Mentor:  Dr. Mike Adler)
Junior Gabriella Padgett is studying the environment that fosters success in the classroom and the ability to think and perform creatively, comparing peer education in the U.S. and China. (Major: MATH, CRCOMP; Mentor: Dr. Ira Greenberg) 

Junior Anish Patel is researching the functionalization of carbosiliane-thioether dendrimers.  (Major: BIOCHEM, MATH; Mentor: Dr. David Son) 

Senior Mike Ren is researching nutrition literacy and health care in China. (Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Richard Jones) 

Senior Rebecca Swarm, using the Café Momentum program as her subject of study, is researching the traits, attributes and experiences that increase the likelihood of success of young men enrolled in the program. (Major: SOCI; Mentor: Dr. Sheri Kunovich) 
Senior Jaison Thomas is comparing the healthcare models of Boston, Massachusetts and Dallas, Texas through researching the health literacy of the homeless populations. (Major: BIOL, FINA; Mentor: Dr. Teresa Strecker) 
Senior Hayley Wagner is assessing the medical needs and health care availability for Congolese refugees in Hurst, Texas and will provide suggestions for improvement. (Major: ANTH, FREN, HRST; Mentor: Dr. Victoria Lockwood)
 Continuing from 2012
Senior Eric Alt is designing a compound to remove heavy metals from polluted environments. (Majors: CHEM, ME; Mentor: Dr. Dieter Cremer) 
Senior Basma Raza is researching societal perceptions of herself as female, Muslim, married, and student, to explore similarities within differences between cultures and ethnicities. (Major: COMM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch)