Hidden Scripts

Our biases are the stories we form about other people before we get a chance to know who they actually are.


Join the Office of Diversity & Inclusion in discovering our hidden biases in SMU’s training module, Hidden Scripts. This two-part training program is designed to help SMU employees uncover implicit biases and develop a connection with cultural intelligence so that they can strategically communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time.


Part 1 is a self-paced, Canvas-based course where learners become familiar conceptually with the notion of hidden biases, how to identify and recognize them in the world around us and the fact that these biases are indeed natural to the human experience.


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*Registration occurs every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00PM CST*


Part 2 is experienced in live and virtual sessions with a Diversity Officer Trainer. Participants explore more intimately biases they may hold within themselves. This session builds upon the conversation started in Part 1 in a more personalized setting.


*Part 2 sessions are held during three 10-week blocks that occur in the Spring, Summer and Fall Terms*