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Powerpoint Templates

The following PowerPoint documents are designed for consistency and to provide you with a compelling visual presentation.

Most of the type elements can be changed directly in the document. Some, however, must be changed by accessing the master slide template. Several slide variations are available within the templates. No alterations should be made for a presentation to the SMU Board of Trustees.

Title fonts are Palatino Linotype, 36 pt on title pages. The regular text and bullet font is Trebuchet, 24 pt.

Please note that, for projection, a white background with dark text is less legible than a dark background with light text.

If you have any questions about using the templates please contact Gary O'Berg at

Below are the template files (.POTX). Download these files and place them in your Documents/Custom Templates folder on your computer. 

Template last updated July 18, 2018.