SMU Brand Guidelines

Unacceptable Logo Alterations

To preserve the integrity of the logo, it may be reproduced only from authorized original artwork, available from SMU Marketing and Communications.

The shape of the icon should not be distorted, and neither the logo nor the icon should be enclosed in a box, frame or other decorative addition. The shape and proportions of the logo should not be altered in any way.

In addition, the logo should not be encircled with lettering of any kind. To ensure the highest quality of reproduction, the logo image should not be pixelated.

The logo should not be placed in close proximity to other lettering or symbols. As a general rule, a space roughly equivalent to half the size of the "M" in the University initials should be maintained around the logo on both sides as well as above and below. This rule of thumb applies no matter the size of the logo.

Unacceptable Logo Alterations