SMU Brand Guidelines


The primary typeface for SMU is Galliard, which should be used as the default font for all schools and units. Galliard is a serif font, which refers to a style of typeface that employs "serifs," or small structural details on the ends of some strokes of letters and numbers. Galliard may be used for cover titles, initial caps, large text, subheads, quotes and body copy.

A contemporary typeface rooted in traditional styles, Galliard suggests the spirit of SMU as an institution that is both forward looking and grounded in history.

Four recommended weights of Galliard are listed at right. For cost efficiency, schools and units should consider purchasing licenses for typefaces in bulk.

We recommend using a sans-serif font in conjunction with Galliard for contrast – in headlines or pull quotes, for example. A sans-serif font refers to a style of typeface not employing serifs. Recommended sans-serif fonts include Arial, Futura, Gotham, Helvetica and Avenir.

To purchase a typeface, please visit:

Be sure to ask for the educational discount.

A Bit of History

Designed by Matthew Carter for International Typeface Corporation (ITC), the ITC Galliard font family was based on the work of the 16th-century letter cutter Robert Granjon. According to, ITC Galliard is ideal for lengthy copy due to its readability. It is a beautiful typeface for setting text in quality books, magazines and periodicals. Carter is one of the last font designers trained in Old World methods of creating type by hand.