SMU Brand Guidelines

SMU Logo

The logo is the most important symbol used to communicate SMU's public identity or brand. It is the University's visual centerpiece. The logo confers SMU's stature, reputation and endorsement. For these reasons, it is essential that the logo be accorded respect and used in a manner that adheres to the rules explained in this section.

To maintain the integrity of this important symbol, all SMU logos are created by, and available exclusively through, SMU Marketing and Communications. Logos should not be produced independently.

The logo quickly conveys the message that the reputation and strength of the University stand behind any programs or events for which it is employed, and that correspondence or documents on which it appears reflect official University business.

The logo appears on all University stationery, banners, publications, ceremonial documents and external emails. (University stationery is available exclusively from Marfield Corporate Stationery Company through an exclusive contract with SMU. For approved logo and letterhead formats, please visit

It also is entirely appropriate for the logo to be used on clothing, banners or other articles expressing SMU pride.

The logo may not be used with any product, event or organization not sponsored or sanctioned by the University. Use of the logo for events or initiatives co-sponsored by the University and outside organizations requires the permission of SMU Marketing and Communications.