SMU Brand Guidelines

Printing the SMU Logo

The official colors of the logo are red and white for the icon and blue for the University initials. The colors may be altered under specific circumstances, as outlined below:

  • A partial reverse logo image – available exclusively through SMU Marketing and Communications – is acceptable when used against certain color fields. In properly rendered reverse images, the "stroke" color should remain white for consistency. (See example at the bottom of the page.) White type is preferable to black when the logo appears on darker backgrounds. See examples at bottom.

  • The logo may appear in blue or black on publications produced using two or three colors.

  • The logo may appear in the same color as that used in publications produced using a single color.

In general, SMU red and blue also are the preferred colors for University publications. The use of neutral shades, such as tans, khaki and grays, is recommended when other colors are required.

University publications should avoid using colors associated with SMU's regional competitors. These include burnt orange, maroon, purple and green, among others.