SMU Brand Guidelines

Podium Signs

One important way in which the SMU brand is expressed is through events sponsored by the University. For that reason, SMU has guidelines for podium signs. Such signs communicate that SMU’s stature and reputation stand behind the conference or presentation in question or that the University is the official sponsor of the event or gathering.

Therefore, it is important that podium signs be placed in central or key visual positions. That is, SMU’s podium signs always should be placed so that they are visible not only to those in the room, but also to any audience that may be watching or participating through broadcast, podcast or other medium. Their placement also should make it easy for the signs to be used as backdrops for photographs of the event.

To aid in visibility, these designs have been granted a special exception to the University standard for clear space around the wordmark.

Under SMU guidelines, podium signs should include the SMU wordmark and the icon. Podium signs also may include the names of any of SMU’s schools as a secondary identifier, if appropriate.

Signs may appear in either blue or red.