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For Parents

Mission Statement

The University Advising Center will guide pre-major students as they navigate through the undergraduate curriculum to maximize their academic experience at Southern Methodist University. The UAC advisors help students to recognize and pursue their passions; challenge students to set realistic and rewarding academic and life goals; and empower students to think and act creatively and independently.

Working Together for Student Success:  A Parent’s Role

At Southern Methodist University, we recognize that parents and families play important roles in the academic success of our students. As advisors, we also know that this is a time of transition and changing relationships within your family dynamic. Your child is becoming more independent and making important decisions that will impact his or her future. By keeping the lines of communication open, parents can provide their students with supportive guidance, helping them to successfully navigate this time of self-discovery and intellectual growth.


Who can I talk to about my son/daughter's progress?
  • It is our sincere hope that all of our students communicate with their families about their academic progress. If you have concerns or questions, you may contact your son or daughter's academic advisor. Please be aware that federal law prohibits us from discussing specific academic information unless we have obtained explicit permission from the student in the form of a signed release. Without this document, advisors are happy to discuss general university policies and procedures, as well as resources available to SMU students and families; however, we cannot discuss details related to a specific student.

What resources does SMU provide to help students academically?

How can I get more information on scholarships and financial aid?
  • Academic advisors do not have access to students' financial information, so we recommend contacting SMU Financial Aid for any questions about scholarships and other aid packages. For billing questions, please contact the Bursar’s Office

My son or daughter has a learning disorder/disability—who should I contact about accommodations?

Does SMU award credit for classes taken at another college or university after they have matriculated?
  • In most cases, yes, students may transfer credit from other accredited, four-year degree granting institutions to SMU. The semester before the student plans to study away from SMU, he or she should complete an Advance Approval of Transfer Work form, which requires each course to be evaluated and approved by an academic department. Upon completion of the course, the student may be responsible for demonstrating specific Student Learning Outcomes to fulfill University Curriculum pillars and proficiencies. For complete details, please refer to the Registrar's transfer credit policies.
My son/daughter came to SMU for a specific course of study but has not met the admission requirements—what now?
  • We know that this can be a difficult time for both students and their families. Everyone has invested time and resources into this path and it is difficult to accept that what was hoped and planned for is no longer a possibility. The good news is that SMU offers a plethora of majors and minors that lead to diverse career opportunities. There is sure to be a course of study that is suitable to the student’s interests, strengths and abilities. What begins as a time of frustration can lead to tremendous growth and self-actualization.
I'm wondering about registration/holidays/finals; where can I find this information?