Technical Reports

Listed below are the technical reports of the Department of Statistical Science by Report number.  The link to the pdf file is on the report number.   If there is no link, a pdf file is not available at this time.

TR #  Authors  Title  Date 
384  Ron Butler and Marc Paolella Autoregressive Lag-Order Using Conditional Saddlepoint Approximations August 2017
383 Andrew Hardin and Monnie McGee Semi-Parametric Simulation of Affymetrix Microarrays to Obtain Realistic Output May 2015
382  Ron Butler Asymptotic Expansions and Hazard Rates for Compound and First-Passage Distributions Jan 2016
3381 Lynne Stokes and Jill Allor A Power Analysis of Fidelity Measurement Sample Size Determination March 2015
380  Ron Butler and Andrew Woods  Laplace Approximation of Lauricella Functions   Jan. 2015 
379  Julia Kozlitina and William Schucany  A Robust Distribution-Free Test for Genetic Association Studies of Quantitative Traits Aug. 2014 
378 Patrick Carmack, Jeff Spence, William Schucany k-Sample t-Test Redux Jan 2013
377 Lynne Stokes  Integrating Fidelity Data into the Analysis of Outcomes: Statistical Methods for Reducing Bias  Sept. 2012 
376  Ron Butler and Douglas Bronson Bootstrap Confidence Bands for Sojourn Distributions in multistate Semi-Markov Models with Right Censoring May 2012 
375  Ian Harris Sprimes: A Sparse Prime-Like Sequence of Natural Numbers Generated by the Goldbach Conjecture Aug. 2011 
374 R. Gunst, W. Schucany, W. Woodward History of the SMU Statistical Science Department July 2011
373 J. Michael and W. Schucany The Perils of Snapshot Selection Bias in the Workplace May 2011
372 P. Carmack, J. Spence, W. Schucany Generalized Cross-Validation for Correlated Data April 2011
371 D. Delzell, Q. Lin, R. Gunst, W. Schucany, W. Woodward, P. Carmack, J. Spence, R. Haley Design-Induced Cyclic Effects in Event-related fMRI Experiments March 2010
370 Ehab Abd-Elfattah,Ronald Butler Saddlepoint Approximations for Rank-Invariant Permutation tests and Confidence Intervals with Interval-Censoring Feb 2010
369 Chul Ahn, Fan Hu, William Schucany Sample Size Calculation for Clustered Binary Data with Nonparametric Methods Using Different Weighting Schemes Feb 2010
368 Robert Paige, Phillip Chapman, Ron Butler Small Sample LD50 Confidence Intervals Using Saddlepoint Approximations Jan 2010
367 Fan Hu, William Schucany, Chul Ahn Nonparametric Sample Size Estimation for Sensitivity and Specificity with Multiple Observations per Subject Jan 2010
366 J. Kozlitina, C. Xing, A. Pertsemlidis, W. Schucany Power of Genetic Association Studies with Fixed and Random Genotype Frequencies,; Supplementary Materials Dec 2009
365 Ronald Butler and Douglas A. Bronson Multistate Survival Models as Transient Electrical Networks  Nov 2009
364 P. Carmack, J. Spence, W. Schucany, Q. Oin, R. Gunst, R. Haley A New Class of Semiparametric Semivariogram and Nugget Estimators Oct 2009
363 G. Knifemichael, W. Schucany, W. Woodward, R, Gunst, P. S. Carmack, R. W. Haley Detecting Brain Activations in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Experiments with a Maximum Cross-Correlation Statistic July 2009
362 D. Delzell, R. Gunst, W. Schucany, W. Woodward, P. Carmack, Q. Lin, J. Spence, and R. Haley Selection of Interstimulus Intervals for Event-Related fMRI experiments  July 2009 
361 Ron Butler and Robert Paige Exact Distributional Computations for Roy's Statistics and the Largest Eigenvalue of a Wishart July 2009
360 Jing Cao and Song Zhang Measuring Statistical Significance for Full Bayesian Methods in Microarray Analysis July 2009
359 H.K.T. Ng, D. Kundu, P. S. Chan Statistical Analysis of Adaptive Type-II Progressively Hybrid Censored Data May 2008
358 Joel O'Hair, Richard Gunst, William Schucany, Wayne Woodward Extraction of the Hemodynamic Response Function and Parameter Estimation for the Two Gamma Difference Model April 2008 
357 Darcie Delzell, Richard Gunst, William Schucany  Statistical Design and Analysis of Data from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Experiments: Annotated Bibliography April 2008
356 K. Gu, H.K.T. Ng, W. Schucany Testing the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates  Oct 2007 
355 R. Butler and D. Bronson The Kaplan-Meier Estimator from a Systems-Theoretic Prespective Oct 2007
354 Jing Cao and Lynne Stokes Bayesian IRT guessing models for partial guessing behaviors,  WinBUGS Code Sept 2007
353 R. Butler and E. Abd-Elfattah Tests for Symmetry with Right Censoring Sept 2007
352 P. Carmack, W. Schucany, J. Spence, R. Gunst, Q. Lin, R. Haley Far Casting Cross Validation,  (now published in J of Comp & Graphical Statistics) Sept 2007
351 R. Butler and M. Paolella Uniform Saddlepoint Approximation for Ratios of Quadratic Forms July 2007
350 Yue Helena Jia, Lynne Stokes, Ian Harris, Yan Wang  Performance of Random Effects Model Estimators Under Complex Sampling Design  March 2007
349 R. Butler and E. Abd-Elfattah Log-Rank Permutation Tests for Trend: Saddlepoint p-values and Survival Rate Confidence Intervals Feb 2007
348 R. Butler, R. Sutton, J. Booth, P. Strickland Simulation-Assisted Saddlepoint Approximation  Oct 2006
347 R. Butler and E. Abd-Elfattah The Weighted Log-Rank Class of Permutation Tests: P-Values and Confidence Intervals Using Saddlepoint Methods Oct 2006 
346 Zhongxue Chen  A Bayesian Approach to Zero-Numerator Problems Using Hierarchical Models Oct 206
345 M. McGee and N. Bergasa Analysis of a Pilot Study for Amelioration of Itching in Liver Disease: When is a Failed Trial not a Failure? July 2006
344 Z. Chen, M. McGee, Q. Liu, R. Scheuermann A distribution free summarization method for Affymetrix GeneChip® arrays Bioinformatics Advance Access July 2006
343 Monnie McGee and Zhongxue Chen New Spiked-In Probe Sets for the Affymetrix HGU-133A Latin Square Experiment June 2006
342 Sergio Juarez and William Schucany A Note on the Proof of the Asymptotic Properties of the Minimum Density Power Divergence Estimator for the Generalized Pareto Distribution May 2006
341 Lynne Stokes, Sherry Wang, M. Chen Judgement Post-stratification with Multiple Rankers March 2006
340 M.McGee, Z. Chen, R. Scheuermann, F. Luo A Nonparametric Background Correction Method for Oligonucleotide Arrays March 2006
339 Z. Wang, H. Gray, W. Woodward The Application of the Kalman Filter to Nonstationary Time Series through Time Deformation Jan 2006
338 Monnie McGee and Zhongxue Chen Parameter Estimation for the Exponential-Normal Convolution Model for Background Correction of Affymetrix GeneChip Data  Jan 2006
337 L. Tang, W. Schucany, W. Woodward, R. Gunst A Parametric Spatial Bootstrap Jan 2006
336 J.Spence, P.Carmack, R.Gunst, W.Schucany, W.Woodward, R. Haley Using a White Matter Reference to Remove the Dependency of Global Signal on Experimental Conditions in SPECT Analyses  July 2006
335 Sherry Wang and Lynne Stokes Moments of Bivariate Order Statistics for the Standard Normal Distribution Aug 2005  
334 Sherry Wang, Lynne Stokes, J. Lim, M. Chen Concomitant of Multivariate Order Statistics with Application of Judgment Post-Stratification  Aug 2005
333 A. Minhajuddin, W. Frawley, W. Schucany, W. Woodward Bootstrap Tests for Multivariate Directional Alternative Hypotheses May 2005
332 M. McGee and N. Bergasa  Imputing Missing Clinical Data in Pilot Studies June 2005
331 L. Tang, W. Woodward, W. Schucany Undercoverage of Wavelet-Based Resampling Confidence Intervals April 2005
330 I. Harris and B. Burch  Restricted Maximum Likelihood Estimators as Bayes Estimators in a Mixed Linear Model with Two Variance Components April 2005
329 I. Harris and B. Burch Measuring relative sources of variation without using variance Dec 2004
328 A. Jia and W. Schucany Recursive Partitioning for Kernel Smoothers: A Tree-based Approach for Estimating Variable Bandwidths in Local Linear Regression Dec 2004
327 P. Gerard and W. Schucany An Enhanced Sign Test for Dependent Binary Data with Small Numbers of Clusters Aug 2006
326 S. Shen and I. Harris The Minimum L2 Distance Estimator for Poisson Mixture Models Dec 2004
325 W. Schucany and K. Ng Preliminary Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Normality Do Not Validate the One-Sample Student t (CIS) Dec 2004
324 J.Spence, P. Carmack, R.Gunst, W. Schucany, W. Woodward, R. Haley Accounting for Spatial Dependence in the Analysis of SPECT Brain Imaging Data Sept 2004, June 2006 updated 
323 Sherry Stokes and Lynne Stokes Forming Post-Strata Via Bayesian Treed Capture-Recapture Models Sept 2004
322 Sherry Wang and M. Chen Approximate Predictive Densities and Fully Bayes Variable Selection in Generalized Linear Models  August 2004
321 Sherry Wang and E. George A Hierarchical Bayes Approach to Variable Selection for Generalize Linear Models August 2004
320 Monnie McGee Tests for Multiple Peaks in the Spectra of Categorical Time Series August 2006
319 Ian Harris and Monnie McGee A Weak Form of Stationarity for Categorical Time Series June  2004
318 J. Spence, P. Carmack, W. Woodward, R. Gunst, W. Schucany, R. Haley Scaling Global Counts to a Regional White Matter Reference Volume for Brain July 2004
317 L. Liu, H. Gray, W. Woodward On the Analysis of Linear and Quadratic Chirp Processes using Time Deformation March 2004
316 W. R. Schucany Kernel Smoothers: An Overview of Curve Estimators Suitable for the First Graduate Course in Nonparametric Statistics July 2004
315 P. Carmack, J. Spence, R. Gunst, W. Schucany, W. Woodward and R. Haley Improved Agreement Between Talairach and MNI Coordinate Spaces in Deep Brain Regions Sept 2003
314 H. Gray and C. Vijverberg Time Deformation and the M-Spectrum -- A New Tool for Cyclical Analysis July 2003
313 E. Choi, H, Gray, W. Woodward EARMA Processes with Spectral Analysis of Non-Stationary Time Series July 2003
312 K. Cohlmia, H. Gray, W. Woodward  On Filtering Time Series with Monotonically Time Varying Frequencies July 2003
311 H. Jiang, H. Gray, W. Woodward Time Frequency Analysis -- G(I) Stationary Processes July 2003
310 H. Jian, H. Gray, W. Woodward Nonstationary Data Analysis by Tine Deformation July 2003
309 S. Juarez, W. Schucany Robust and Efficient Estimation for the Generalized Distribution  July 2003 
308 A. Minhajuddin, I. Harris, W. Schucany Simulating Multivariate Distributions with Specific Correlations, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Vol. 74, No. 8, August 2004, pp. 299-607. July 2003
307 I. Harris, B. Burch The Probability of Preponderancy, an Alternative to the Intraclass Correlation July 2003 
306 Wiechecki, Tinker, Hutchinson, Kraft, Woodward, Gray  Resolving Source Types Using the Elimination/Classification Procedure  
305  R. Natarajan, G. Mudholkar Robust Tests for Homogeneity of Inverse Gaussian Scale Parameters Dec 2002
304 P. Carmack, S. Sain, W. Schucany Permutation Testing in Multivariate Regression Trees Oct 2002
W. Woodward, S. Sain Testing for Outliers from a Mixture Distribution when Some Data are Missing Aug 2002
302 B. Burch, I. Harris Optimal One-Way Random Effects Designs for the Intraclass Correlation based on Confidence Intervals Mar 2002
301 J. Balusek, M. McWilliams, H. Gray Speaking Mathematics for the Visually Imparied Feb 2002
K. Genter, P. Aguilar, H. Gray Teaching Mathematics to the Physically Imparied by Voice Operated Computing Feb 2002 
299 R. Natarajan, G. Mudholkar, M. McDermott Ordered Restricted Inference for Inverse Gaussian Scale Parameters  
H. Gray, J. McWilliams, J. Balusek Approximation of Tail Probabilities Using the Gn(m) Transform  
297 R. Natarajan, G. Mudholkar Moment-Based Tests for Inverse Gaussian Models  
296 W. Christensen, S. Sain Accounting for Dependence in a Flexible Multivariate Receptor Model Aug 2001
295 J. Pitblado, S. Sain, W. Schucany Estimating for Dependence in a Flexible Multivariate Receptor Model Mar 2001
294 J. Michael, W. Schucany The Mixture Approach for Simulating New Familities of Bivariate Distributions with Specified Correlations July 2000
293 W. Christensen, Y.l Amemiya Modeling and Prection for Multivariate Spatial Factor Analysis July 2000


P. Gerard, W. Schucany Combining Population Density Estimates in Line Transect Sampling Feb 2000
M. Hartfield, R. Gunst Parameter Estimation for Spatiotemporal Models of Continuous Space-Time Processes Jan 2000
M. Hartfield, R. Gunst Spatiotemporal Modeling of Continuous Space-Time Processes July 1999
P. Gerard, W. Schucany Local Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Estimation of Population Densities with Line  Jan 1998
288 M. Ernst, W. Schucany A Class of Permutation Tests of Bivariate Interchangeability (J. of Amer. Stat. Assoc, 94 (1999), 273-284).   Jan 1998
287   Y. Koshevnik, L. Tang Variance Estimation from Censored Data Aug 1996
286  M. Hartfield, R. Gunst Robust Semivariogram Estimation in the Presence of Influential Spatial Data Values Aug 1996
P. Gerard, W. Schucany Locating Exotherms in Differential Thermal Analysis with Nonparametric Regression (J. Agri. Biol. Environ. Statist. 2 (1997), 255-268). May 1996
K-J Cha, W. Schucany Nonparametric Kernel Regression Estimation Near Endpoints (J. Stat. Planning and Inference, 66 (1998), 289-304). Nov 1995
A. Polansky, W. Schucany Kernel Smoothing to Improve Bootstrap Confidence Intervals (J. Roy. Statist. Soc., B, 59 (1997), 821-838)  Oct 1995 
R. Gunst, W. Schucany Magnetic Field Quality Investigation for Superconducting Super Collider Magnets (Statistics in Quality 1997, Dekker, New York) Aug 1995
S. Basu, R. Guerra Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Concentration Parameters in Dilution Assays July 1995
J. Baek, H. Gray  A Bootstrap Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test in Discriminant Analysis June 1995
M. Ernst, R. Guerra, W. Schucany Scatterplots for Unordered Pairs, appeared in The American Statistician, 50 (1996), 2690-265 June 1995
N. Perera, W. Schucany Nonparametric Regression with Measurement Error April 1995
J. McKean, W. Schucany, S. Sheather, K. George A Comparison of Confidence Intervals from R-Estimators in Regression (J. Statist. Comp. Simul. 53 (1995), 13-22) March 1995
R. Guerra, A. Polansky, W. Schucany Smoothed Bootstrap Confidence Intervals with Discrete Data (Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 26 (1997), 163-176) March 1995
P. Gerard, W. Schucany On Combining Independent Nonparametric Regression (Statist. Prob. Letters 26 (1996), 25-34) Feb 1995
P. Gerard, W. Schucany  Methodology for Nonparametric Regression from Independent Sources (Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 25 (1997), 287-304) Feb 1995
273  H. Gray A Hypothesis-testing Approach to Discriminant Analysis with Muted Categorical June 1994
W. Qiu Rank Tests for Unbalanced Two-way Analysis of Variance June 1994
Q. Cheng, W. Woodward A Two-factor Garma Long Memory Model and Its Application to the Atmospheric CO2 Data June 1994
S. Basu, R. Gunst The Effects of Influential Observations on Sample Semivariograms June 1994 
Y. Koshevnik Efficient Estimation for Restricted Semiparametric Models May 1994
Y. Koshevnik, W. Schucany Asymptotic Efficient Nonparametric Estimation with Additional Dichotomous Observations May 1994
R. Gunst Estimating Spatial Correlations from Spatial-Temporal Meterological Data April 1994
266  Q. Cheng, W. Woodward, H. Gray A Two-Factor GARMA Model and its Application to the Atmospheric CO2 Data Feb 1994
265 H. Gray, W. Woodward A Brief Analysis of Data Given by Spiesberger, Metzger, and Ferguson in 'Listening for Climatic Temperature Change in the Northeast Pacific: 1983-1989'. Feb 1994 
264 R. Gunst, W. Schucany, M. Stoesz Variability of Collar Laminations July 1993
263 R. Gunst, T. Fei, W. Schucany Position Effects on Cold and Warm Multipole Coefficients July 1993
R. Gunst, W. Schucany Multipole Spatial Correlation Assessment July 1993
R. Gunst, W. Schucany, N. Perera Measurement-error Model Multipole Variance Estimation June 1993
R. Gunst Spatial Correlations in Station Temperature Anomalies June 1993
R. Brunell An Automatic Procedure for Fitting Variograms by Cressie's Approximate Weighted Least Squares Criterion June 1993
258 R Gunst Duplicate of TR260 Nov 1992 
257 J. Baek, H. Gray, G. McCartor, W. Woodward Bayesian Method for Testing TTBT Compliance with Unknown Feb 1992 
256  W. Schucany Variability of Multipole Coefficients Sept 1992
255  C. Ford Magnetic Field Quality Measurement Theory Sept 1992
254  R. Gunst Predicting Multipole Values from Azimuthal Coil-size Measurements Sept 1992
R. Gunst, G. McDonald  Issues Involved in the Choice of Experimental Design Strategies Oct 1991 
252 R. Gunst The Scientific Controversy Over Global Warming
Aug 1991
251 G. Thompson Exploratory Graphical Methods for Permutation Data Via Polytypes Jul 1991
S. Basu, G. Reinsel A Note on the Properties of Spatial Yule-Walker Estimation  Jan 1991
G. Thompson Graphical Techniques for Ranked Data Nov 1990
G. Thompson A Distribution-free Rank-life Test for Scale with Unequal Population Locations Nov 1990
G. Thompson A Note on the Rank Transformation for Interaction June 1990
P. Eslinger, W. Woodward Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimation for Normal Models (DARPA) Sept 1990
S. Wang, H. Gray Approximating Tail Probabilities Noncentral Distributions (DARPA)  Sept 1990 
244 W. Schucany, W. Woodward, G. McCartor Some Effects of Selection on the JVE Data (DARPA) Sept 1990
243 H. Gray, W. Woodward, S. Wang Testing the Consistency of Soviet Data Using a Sequence of Hypothesis Tests (DARPA)  Sept 1990
242 H. Gray, W. Woodward Some Remarks on Compliance Testing (DARPA) Sept 1990
R. Eubank, W. Schucany Adaptive Bandwidth Choice for Kernel Regression July 1990
O. Carrillo-Camboa, R. Gunst Mesurement Error Model Collinearities June 1990
S. Wang Saddlepoint Approximations in Conditional Inference May 1990 
W. Woodward, P. Whitney Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimation of Mixture Proportions Mar 1990
237 S. Wang More About General Saddlepoint Approximation 1990 
236 H. Gray, S. Wang  A General Method for Approximating Improper Integrals  1990 
235 S. Wang A Note on General Saddlepoint Approximation (DARPA) Feb 1990
R. Gunst, N. Kelly Captive-Air Irradiation Experiment of Ozone Formation in Southern California 1989 
233 G. Thompson Berry-Essen Rates for Generalized Rank Statistics with Dependent Data 1989 
232 G. Thompson  Asymptotic Distribution of Rank Statistics Under Dependencies with Multivariate Application 1989 
231 G. Thompson A Unified Approach to Interblock Rank Tests for Univariate and Multivariate Designs  1989 
H Gray, G. Herrin A Brief Note on Regionalization Aug 1989
S. Wang Saddlepoint Approximation for Bivariate Distribution Jul 1989
W. Woodward, G. McCartor Testing for the Maximum Mean in a Mixture of Normals Aug 1989 
H. Gray, S. Wang A Generalized Method for Approximating Tail Probabilities Jun 1989
M. Wand, W. Schucany Gaussian-based kernels for Curve Estimation and Window Width Section Jun 1989
R. Gunst Influence Diagnostics for Measurement Error Models Feb 1989
224 W. Schucany, S. Wang One-step Boostrapping for Smooth Iteractive Procedures Jan 1989
H. Gray, N-F Zhang, W. Woodward On Generalized Fractional Processes Aug 1988 
W. Woodward, H. Gray ARMA Model Identification Using the Generalized Partial Autocorrelation Array  June 1988 
P. Hall, M. Martin, W. Schucany Better Nonparametric Boostrap Confidence Interval for the Correlation Coefficient May 1988
W. Schucany, S. Sheather Jackknifing R-estimates April 1988
P. Hall, W. Schucanyu A Local Cross-validation Algorithm Jan 1988
U. Bhat, R. Lal A Correlated Random Walk Model for a Queue with Markovian Arrivals and Departures March 1988
R. Lal, U. Bhat Correlated Random Walks with Stay Feb 1988
R. Lal, U. Bhat  Some Explicit Results for Correlated Random Walks Feb 1988 
W. Schucany On Nonparametric Regression with Higher-order Kernels Jan 1988
W. Schucany Locally Optimal Window Widths for Kernel Density Estimation with Large Samples Jan 1988
U. Bhat, R. Lal Control Charts for Markov Dependent Production Processes Jan 1988
R. Eubank Data Smoothing by Polynomial-Trigonometric Regression Dec 1987
U. Bhat, R. Lal Number of Successes in Markov Trials Dec 1987 
R. Eubank. J. Hart, S. Speckman Trigonometric Series Regression Estimators with an Application to Partially Linear Models  Dec 1987 
U. Bnat, M. Karunaratne A Sequential Inspection Plan for Markov Dependent Production Processes Sept 1987
S. Sivaganesan Sensitivity of Posterior Mean to Unimodality Preserving Contaminations Aug 1987 
207 S. Sivaganesan Range of Posterior Measures for Priors with Arbitrary Contaminations Aug 1987
W. Schucany, D. Bankson Small Sample Variance Estimators for U-Statistics Aug 1987
205 C. Frangos, W. Schucany  Bootstrap and Confidence Intervals Using Influence Functions Aug 1987 
204 C. Frangos, W. Schucany Jackknife-inspired Improvements of Boostrap Confidence Intervals Aug 1987
R. Gunst, R. Mason Influential Observations in Measurement Error Models  July 1987
C. Frangos An Updated Bibliography on the Jackknife Method April 1987
W. Schucany, L. Thombs Bootstrap Prediction Intervals for Auto-regression Feb 1987
J. Webster, M. Ames Tables for Discrimination Intervals for Percentiles in the Random-effects Covariance Model Feb 1987
199 S. Sivaganesan Sensitivity of the Posterior Mean to Unimodality Preserving Contaminations Jan 1987
198 S. Sivaganesan  Range of Posterior Measures for Priors with Arbitrary Contaminations Jan 1987
197 K. Cunningham Restricted Random Sampling Dec 1985
R. Eubank. R. Gunst Diagnostics for Penalized Least-Squares Estimators Dec 1985
R. Eubank  A Note on Smoothness Priors and Nonlinear Regression Dec 1985
R. Eubank, R. Gunst Regression Type Tests for Parametric Hypothesis Based on Sums of Squared L-Statistics Dec 1985
R. Eubank, V. LaRiccia  Regression Type Tests for Parametric Hypotheses Based on Optimally Selected Subsets of the Order Statistics April 1985
M. Reilman, R. Gunst, M. Lakshmirnarayanan Structural Model Estimation with Correlated Measurement Errors  April 1985
M. Reilman, F. Gunst, M. Lakshmirnarayanan Stochastic Regression with Errors in Both Variables April 1985
R. Eubank  Discussion of Dr. Silverman's Paper Oct 1984
W. Schucany, J. Michael  Analysis of Data from Censored Samples Nov 1984
R. Eubank An Optimality Property of Smoothing Splines Sept 1984
R. Eubank  Diagnostics for Smoothing Splines Sept 1984
W. Schucany Sample Re-use Aug 1984
R. Eubank  Quantiles May 1984
R. Eubank Optimal Spacing Problems April 1984
R. Eubank Deleting an Observation from a Linear Regression Feb 1984
T. Carmody, R. Eubank. V. LaRiccia A Family of Minimum Quantile Distance Estimators for the Three-parameter Weibull Distribution Nov 1983
181 R. Gunst, R. Eubank  Regression Diagnostics and Approximate Inference Procedures for Penalized Least   
R. Eubank Approximate Regression Models and Splines Aug 1983
R. Eubank The Hat Matrix for Smoothing Splines Aug 1983 
W. Woodward, W. Parr Minimum Distance Estimation of Mixture Model Parameters-Asymptotic Results and Simulation Comparisons with Maximum Likelihood June 1983
W. Woodward, W. Schucany A Comparison of Minimum Distance and Maximum Likelihood Techniques for Proportion Estimation  Nov 1982
R. Eubank A Note on Optimal and Robust Spacing Selection June 1983
R. Eubank. H. Lindsey  Robust Ablues for Location and Scale Parameter Estimation April 1982
D. Owen, Y-M Chou One-sided Prediction Intervals for Three-Stage Sampling from a Normal Population Feb 1983
D. Owen, Y-M CHou Prediction Interval Using Excedances for an Additional Third State Sample Feb 1983
R. Gunst, R. Henderson  Robust Regression Estimators Based on Deleted Residuals Feb 1983
R. Gunst, D. Dorsett Bounded-leverage weights for Robust Regression Estimators Feb 1983
W. Woodward, W. Schucany, H. Gray, H. Lindsey A Comparison of Minimum Distance and Maximum Likelihood Techniques for Proportion Estimation 
Dec 1982
R. Mee, D. Owen  A Simple Approximation for Bivariate Normal Probabilities Dec 1982
R. Mee, D. Owen One-Sided Tolerance Limits for Balanced One-way A11/A Random Model Nov 1982
R. Eubank  On the Relationship Between Functions with the same Optimal Knots in Spline and Piecewise Polynomial Approximation Oct 1982
R. Eubank. V. LaRiccia Location and Scale Parameter Estimation from Randomly Censored Data Aug 1982
J. Michael The Stabilized Probability Plot June 1982
R. Eubank Optimal Grouping, Spacing, Stratification and Piecewise Constant Approximation June 1982
R. Eubank A Quantile Domain Perspective on the Relationships Between Optimal Group, Spacing and Stratification Problems June 1982
R. Eubank A Bibliography for the ABLUE June 1982
A. Palacheck, W. Schucany On the Correlation of a Group of Rankings with an External Ordering Relative to the Internal Concordancy May 1982
M. Morton, H. Gray The Moving Average Coefficient in an ARMA (p,q) Process May 1982
M. Morton, H. Gray The G-Spectral Estimation May 1982
W. Schucany, A. Palachek, J. Boyer Related Correlation Coefficients March 1982
D. Dorsett, R. Gunst Robust Regression Procedures for Predictor Variable Outliers March 1982
J. Hart, H. Gray On ARMA Probability Density Estimation Dec 1981
R. Eubank  A Density-Quantile Function Approach to Adaptive Location or Scale Parameter Estimation Dec 1981
H. Gray, J. Hart Utilizing Complex-valued S-arrays in the Modeling of ARMA Processes Dec 1981
W. Schucany, N. Bosmia, J. Beckett Testing the Correlation Coefficient with Incomplete Observations Nov 1981
A. Palacheck, W. Schucany On Approximation Confidence Intervals for Measures of Concordance Nov 1981
R. Eubank. P. Smith, P. Smith  Asymptotic Optimal Designs for Some Time Series Models Nov 1981
R. Eubank, P. Smith, P. Smith Uniqueness and Eventual Uniqueness of Optimal Designs in Some Time Series Models, II Nov 1981
R. Eubank, V. LaRiccia  Weighted L2 Quantile Distance Estimators for Randomly Censored Data Nov 1981
Y-M Chou, D. Owen Development and Analysis of a Modified Screening Procedure to Increase Acceptable Product Aug 1981
Y-M Chou, D. Owen  Bivariate Cumulants of a Singly Truncated Bivariate Aug 1981
R. Eubank On the Computation of Optimal Designs for Certain Time Series Models with Applications to Optimal Quantile Selection for Location or Scale Parameter Estimation July 1981
J. Boyer Variances for Adaptive Trimmed Means July 1981
R. Eubank A Regression Design Approach to Optimal and Robust Spacing Selection July 1981
143 T. Hua, R. Gunst Multiparameter Biased Estimators July 1981
W. Parr, T. DeWet On Minimum Cramer-von Mises Norm Parameter Estimation Oct 1980
M. Morton  The Determination of Seasonal ARMA Models Oct 1980
J. Hart, H. Gray  Modeling Seasonal ARMA Processes Oct 1980
W. Parr, W. Schucany Minimum Distance Estimation and Components of Goodness of Fit Statistics Sept 1980
W. Parr, W. Schucany L-Statistics with Smooth Weight Functions Jackknife well May 1980
J. Michael, W. schucany  The Influence Curve and Goodness of Fit May 1980
W. Parr, W. Schucany Minimum Distance and Robust Estimation Oct 1979
W. Woodward, W. Frawley  One-Sided Tolerance Limits for a Broad Class of Lifetime Distributions with Applications to Data Limited Accuracy July 1979
134 W. Woodward, H. Gray On the Relationship Between the R and S Arrays and the Box-Jenkins Method of ARMA Model Identification July 1979
W. Parr A Conditional Property of Adaptive Estimators July 1979
W. Parr, W. Schucany  The Jackknife: A Bibliography July 1979
J. Beckett, W. Schucany, J. Broffitt A Special Distributional Result for Bilinear Forms June 1979
L. Li, D. Owen, Y. Chen Prediction Intervals Applied to Screening Variates June 1979
L. Li, D. Owen  The Use of Cutting Scores in Selection Procedures June 1979
128 S. Meeks MTBF Confidence Sets and Robustness Properties for Sequential Test Plans of the Mil-Std-781 June 1979
J. Boyer, W. Schucany On Wolfe's Test for Related Correlation Coefficients Oct 1978
126 H. Gray, G. Kelley, D. McIntire A New Approach to ARMA Modelings Dec 1977
125 no report no report no report
R. Pierce  Regress: A Biased Regression Package April 1977
E. McCune, H. Gray On Cornish-Fisher Expansions with Unknown Cumulants May 1975
W. Schucany, L. Li Some Properties of a Test for Concordance of Two Groups of Rankings May 1975
H. Gray On a Unification of Bias Reduction and Numerical Approximations  
J. Michael, W. Schucany, R. Haas  On Generating Inverse Gaussian Variates June 1974
119 W. Schucany, E. Mansfield Reliability Analysis of a new Scale for Housting Quality  
H. Gray, W. Coberly, T. Lewis On Edgeworth Expansions with Unknown Cumulants  
117 R. Gunst, J. Webster, R. Mason Description of LATANAL, a computer program for Latent Root Regression Analysis May 1974
W. Schucany, W. Frawley Tables of the L Concordance Statistics 1972
115 A. Haile Comparisons of Some Designs and Quadratic Forms for Estimating Variance Components March 1972
J. Sommers Improved Density Estimation Feb 1972
R. Gunst Simultaneous Testing and Estimation with Dependent Chi-Square Random Variables March 1973
S. Musket An Evaluation of Kendall's Order-statistic Method of Discriminant Analysis and Related Studies Nov 1971
J. Tepera Scattering of Sound from Layered Hollow Elas Nov 1971
R. Boase, J. Walsh Sequential Multivariate Quality Control Tests Using Tolerance Regions April 1971
S. Chandra On Estimating the Reliability of a Component Subject to Several Different Stresses Nov 1971
E. Pape When the Coefficient of a Covariate Changes from Block to Block Nov 1971
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J. Walsh Exact Intervals and Test for Products and Ratios of Binomial Probabilities Dec 1970
J. Walsh  Exact Intervals and Tests for Median When One 'Sample' Value Possible an Outlier Dec 1970
NO report assigned this number No report  
J. Walsh  Generally Usable Sequential Randomization Tests for Two-way A11/A that Emphasize the More Recent Data Oct 1970
J. Walsh Always Usable Limited-length Sequential Permutation Tests for Two-way A11/A Oct 1970
J. Walsh Always Applicable Sequential Randomized Tests for One-way A11/A that Emphasize the more recent data Oct 1970
E. Huber, J. Walsh Investigation of system Readiness when some Defect Types Unknown
Sept 1970
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J. Walsh Probability of locating a submarine within a stated distance by use of a range-bearing sensor Sept 1968
D. Owen  Summary of recent work on variables acceptance sampling with emphasis on non-normality Sept 1968