Gaffney Family Interdisciplinary Initiative

The Gaffney Family Interdisciplinary Initiative at ISEM was founded in January 2012 with generous funding from the Gaffney Family Trust to support undergraduate students to work on and gain interdisciplinary research experience.  The Great Trinity Forest Project allows undergraduate students to work with SMU faculty and with community groups and organizations to study various aspects of the Great Trinity Forest in order for the area to be evaluated to see if all or part of it is worthy of being designated as a National Natural Landmark. 


Larry Cui, Sophmore, Business Finance Major and Geology Minor

Larry's project focuses on remote sensing of the Trinity Forest environments.


Shannon Hart, Senior, Environmental Science Major

Shannon's project focuses on analysis of ancient pollen recovered from the Trinity Forest.


Jewel Lipps, Senior, Environmental Science and Chemistory Major

Jewel's project focuses on flora diversity of the Trinity Forest by conducting plant transect surveys.
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Hadley McPerson, Junior, Biology and Environmental Science Major

Hadley's project focuses on fauna diversity of the Trinity Forest using camera traps.