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Liberal arts students ask important questions, process big picture information, and summarize ideas into a concise vision. They utilize the competitive and constantly changing landscape to spark inspiration through research and hands on experiences.

A degree from Dedman College will prepare you with the critical skills that allow you to easily adapt in life and thrive in any environment. Are you interested in economic theory, biophysics, creative writing, thermodynamics, health and society, or learning new languages? Peruse and find your passion within our 16 academic departments.

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From study abroad and research opportunities to local and international internships, Dedman College students graduate with a well-rounded education and relevant, real-world experience. Go ahead, explore your opportunities. 

Why Study in Dedman College

Kaitlyn Contreras

First in her family, finding her place

“The human rights program helped me tie what I was learning in class to the outside world.”

Kaitlyn Contreras  

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Alyssa Bleyle

Mentoring and Support

“The Dedman College Scholars Program helped me to not only adjust to life at SMU, but also meet some of my closest friends.” Alyssa Bleyle

Dallas Skyline at Night as Seen from the SMU Campus.

Big City Opportunities

"With one of fastest growing economies and populations in the country, the city of Dallas is full of fantastic opportunities, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the city." Bradley Potts

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10 Successful People With A Liberal Arts Degree

Many of America’s top traditional business people have liberal arts degrees. In fact, literature and philosophy majors often turn up in the profiles of tech entrepreneurs. A liberal arts degree prepared them with the skills to think, communicate, collaborate, design, and make their—and our—futures brighter.

Andrea Jung, former Avon CEO
Kenneth Chenault, American Express, former CEO
Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder
John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods
Ted Turner, CNN founder
Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan
Barack Obama, U.S. President
Whitney Wolf Herd, Bumble founder
Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfied, Slack founder