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Skills and Courses

Start Strong and Stay Strong

You have only SIX semesters in which to build your GPA and become a competitive candidate for admission to law school.

Academic Path

What Major/Courses Do I Choose?

From the LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) publication, So You Want to Be a Lawyer, you’ll find the following information, “There is no prelaw curriculum of required courses. The range of acceptable majors is broad. Almost any course of study that engenders mental discipline and intellectual curiosity can lay the foundation for a successful legal education and professional career. Fill your undergraduate curriculum with broad, diverse, and challenging courses. A prelaw curriculum that is designed to encompass a broad array of liberal arts courses, however, can be an excellent preparation for law school”.

Study What You Love/Develop Skills:

  • Economics: familiarity with the way money moves through society

  • Political Science: structure of governing systems and how they work

  • English/journalism: writing/communications skills

  • Philosophy: rigorous/logical thinking

  • Math/science: analytical/problem solving skills

  • CS/engineering: ability to analyze diverse & complex information

  • Public Speaking: oral communications skills

  • Education: breadth of study topics

  • Psychology/sociology: understanding individuals & the human condition

Law schools will evaluate the rigor and depth of the courses you selected. Among skills, you must master those of a lawyer: the ability to write clearly, reason logically, and analyze creatively.


  • Read about the profession/ what can you do with a law degree?
  • Talk with practicing lawyers/gain insight/what is a typical day?
  • Think about your skills and personality/would law be a good fit for you?
  • Make an appointment with the Pre-law Advisor Janet Hopkins
  • Although not required, you may consider an internship/part time job in a law firm