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What Else Can I Do?

  • First & foremost, maintain a competitive GPA
  • Become involved on campus; but the number of organizations to which you belong is not as important as the quality of service you give. There is potential for a leadership role in the future. Get information on campus organizations in the Student Activities Center of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, 2nd. Floor.
  • Secure an internship or volunteer. LSAC website also has information on internships. You can also check the Hegi Family Career Development Center to learn about part-time job opportunities in the field. Situations such as these will help you become a well-rounded individual and give you experiences beyond the academic milieu. The experience does not have to be in the legal field, but certainly you can gain a lot of insight into the profession, if you choose to go that route.
  • Research law schools. Read about the profession, search the web, and decide if the commitment is worth your time, energy & money. Make certain this is a path you want to pursue.
  • Research the profession. Learn about all the careers available to graduates of law school.
  • Network