Pre-Law Program

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Pre-Law Program

Pathway to Success

Welcome to the Prelaw website. You are here because you are considering law school in your future. As SMU's Prelaw Advisor, my goal is to provide you with information about the process & possibly offer a little advise. In addition to general information about the LSAT, the application timeline, etc. I assist with resume preparation/updating and Personal Statements. Contact Janet Hopkins with questions or to make an appointment.

Is Law School for Me?

Do I Really Want to Go to Law School?

Consider Your Reasons/the Motivation: 

  • financial reward
  • intellectual stimulation
  • social justice
  • investment in future
  • prestige

Above are a few of the reasons for attending law school. You may consider others.

A publication of the Law School Admissions Council, So You Want to Be a Lawyer: a Practical Guide to Law as a Career, suggests the individuals interested in going to law school 1.) take a look at the profession today to see if the choice of going to law school fits into the individual's career goals, and 2.) examine the truth behind assumptions made about the profession. 3.) Also, one should consider the time commitment and the financial obligation of law school.

a little information regarding success in law school:

Prepared by The Pre-Law Committee of The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar

Students who are successful in law school, and who become accomplished attorneys or use their legal education successfully in other areas of professional life, come to their legal education from widely differing educational and experiential backgrounds. As undergraduate students, some have majored in subjects that are traditionally considered paths to law school; other successful law students, however, have focused their undergraduate studies in what might be considered less traditional coursework. Yet others bring to their law school education insights and perspectives gained from life experiences.