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Pre-Orientation Student Bio Sheets

Incoming First-Year Students: After you register for Orienation (AARO), you will be assigned a pre-major academic advisor. You can find the name of your advisor on my.smu by clicking on the "Academic Records" tile and then clicking the "My Advisors" option in the left-hand menu. 

All incoming first-year students should have completed a bio sheet in the last module of the Canvas course. You can also do so here - but you must still complete the Honesty Tutorial and Second Language Survey in Canvas. Please click the link on your assigned advisor's name below to fill out your Pre-Orientation Student Bio Sheet. 

Incoming Transfer Students: You will not be assigned a specific academic advisor until AARO. If you do not yet have the name of your advisor, you do not need to submit a bio sheet.

Scott Bartlett

Josh Beaty

Maria Crouch

Sara Dammann

Susan Harris

Janet Hopkins

Beth McConville

Sheumona Miller

Dee O'Banner

Jeanene Renfro

Daphne Shipowitz

Meadows Pre-Arts