Advising Essentials

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60 Second Advisor Videos

The videos below are intended to provide you a quick reference to specific resources and tools that will help YOU make intentional academic decisions at SMU.

The University Curriculum

Peruna Passport 2015 University Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes pages 13 - 20

Master list of approved courses for the University Curriculum

Fall 2015 University Curriculum Course Offerings


Prepare for Advising at Orientation (AARO)

University Advising Website

Peruna Passport 2015

Your Student Center

Searching for Classes in

Pre-Orientation (AARO) Student Bio Sheets

Student Center Introduction (my.SMU)

How to view the textbooks for your enrolled classes

How to view your SMU Financials Account Summary

How to update/verify all personal information 

How to view your Degree Progress Report (DPR) under "My Academics"

How to do a basic search for classes

How to enroll/add classes to your schedule

Get the Credit You Deserve

Have records of all your academic past (high school transcripts, AP scores, IB scores, or dual enrollment transcripts) sent to the SMU Registrar's Office.

College Board website

SMU's Second Language Requirement

Second Language Placement Exam Instructions

First Year Myths at SMU

Frequently Asked Questions about Discernment and Discourse

Repeat Policy on page 57 of the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Student Catalog (policies are according to YOUR catalog year)