English as a Second Language

ESL Programs

Dedman College offers programs for both SMU and non-SMU ESL students.

For Non-SMU Students:

  • The Intensive English Program (IEP) - A multi-level year-long program to prepare ESL students and professionals for academic success at the university level.
  • The Summer Term IEP - A shorter, six-week version of the Intensive English Program (IEP) during which on-campus housing is available.

You can click on the links above for details and application information, and you may also view the history of IEP Guest Speakers since the first Summer IEP held in 1999!

For SMU International Teaching Assistants (ITA’s):

  • The two-semester ITA Seminar (ESL 6001 and 6002) prepares ESL graduate students in their responsibilities with undergraduate students taking University Curriculum courses.  Click on the link above for further information and to access the required online Application Form.

The main components of the Seminar include language skills (mostly oral/aural), cross-cultural communication within the American classroom, and pedagogical/presentation techniques.


Fall 2013 IEP Halloween