University Honors Program

Mentors and Liaisons

Honors Mentors

The University Honors Mentor is an official position in each of the eleven Residential Commons. The goal of the Honors Mentors is to build relationships with first-year Honors students and strengthen the overall Honors community among all the UHP residents in each Residential Commons.

From the beginning of the school year, Honors Mentors will take an active role in welcoming the Honors residents in their Commons. They will continue to meet informally with the Honors students, plan programs in their Commons, serve as a resource, and encourage participation in UHP events external to their Commons.

The Honors Mentors for 2018-2019 are:

2018-2019 UHP Mentors
Armstrong Commons Mushfequr Rahman
Boaz Commons Giana Ortiz
Cockrell-McIntosh Commons Adam Christa
  Maddie Oehler
Kathy Crow Commons Sophia Vos
  Kyle Weber
Crum Commons Sophia Salinas
Loyd Commons Daphne Nguyen
McElvaney Commons Caroline Slay
Mary Hay, Peyton, Shuttles Commons Maggie Cook-Allen
  Andrea Del Angel
Morrison-McGinnis Commons Anna Ramirez
Virginia-Snider Commons Allison Kim
  Michael Rainey
Ware Commons Jonathan Lindbloom

Kyle Melliza

Commuting Students Mona El-Gharby


Honors Liaisons

The University Honors Program Liaisons are honors students who are open to any questions about their major, whether it be which classes to consider, which professors to take, or advice on how to balance academics with physical health and social life. If you would like to be added to the list, please email Brandon Gray Miller:

The Honors Liaisons for 2018-2019 are:

Dedman Area: Liaison Name Liaison Email Liaison Year
Humanities Lorien Melnick Junior
Social Sciences Lamisa Mustafa Sophomore
Natural Sciences Katherine Wright Sophomore
Mathematical Sciences Jonathan Lindbloom Sophomore

Cox Area:  Liaison Name  Liaison Email Liaison Year
Finance Brittany Hatmaker Junior
Management/ Marketing/ Other Bradley Potts Senior

Lyle Area Liaison Name Liaison Email Liaison Year
Mechanical Engineering Micah Oxner Junior
Electrical Engineering      
Civil Engineering      
Computer Science      

Simmons Area: Liaison Name Liaison Email   Liaison Year
Educational Studies      

Program Areas:  Liaison Name Liaison Email Liaison Year
Pre-Health Aarthi Parvathaneni Junior
  Katherine Wright Sophomore
Pre-Law Bradley Potts Senior
Undergrad Research
(Big Ideas, Engaged Learning, Richter)
Meredith Burke Junior
---Research Assistant Lamisa Mustafa Sophomore