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Fall 2020 Honors Course List 

Fall 2020 Course List

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UHP 4100: The Scientific Enterprise
Mondays, 2pm in the Scholar's Den Conference Room (Clements G11)

The purpose of this course is
to expose students to the beauty and wonder of science on a grand scale,
to highlight the unique reliability of knowledge produced by the scientific method
to illustrate how the disciplines are interconnected parts of a common enterprise

As such, the course will not dive particularly deeply into any one branch of science, but will instead attempt to emphasize the breadth and history of scientific inquiry, while highlighting the idea of validation by experiment that spans all of the scientific disciplines.  The scope will flow roughly from big to small – beginning with the origins of the universe, galaxies, and starts (astrophysics), down to the development of planets, continents, and geochemistry (earth science), through the emergence and development of life (biology), and finally to the rise of intelligent life able to contemplate all of these issues itself (neuroscience and psychology).

The philosophy toward science education and outreach just described is shamelessly stolen from – and masterfully demonstrated by – well-known scientists and authors such as

Carl Sagan (“Cosmos”)
Steven Hawking (“A brief History of Time”)
Bill Bryson (“A Short History of Nearly Everything”)

As such, we will not re-invent the wheel.  Each week students will watch one episode of the recently re-booted television version of Sagan’s Cosmos, hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, and read selected passages from the books listed above.  In addition, students will read books on more focused topics, which however are still presented in the same broad, interdisciplinary manner.  


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