Conversation Buddy Program

Conversation Buddy ProgramSMU's Conversation Buddy Program is an opportunity for ESL students of SMU to practice their listening and speaking skills with a native speaker of English in an informal, one-on-one setting outside of the classroom.  Please note that the program is only open to currently enrolled students at SMU!

We ask that you volunteer a minimum of one hour per week to meet with your Conversation Buddy. You may meet wherever and whenever you like, but we do recommend that you use this time to practice your speaking skills, rather than reading, writing, or grammar.

Getting a Conversation Buddy

We cannot promise to find a Conversation Buddy for everyone who requests one, but we will certainly do our best. Have fun!

If you would like to have a Conversation Buddy, please look out for the e-mail announcement which is sent to all SMU students near the beginning of each fall and spring term. Once you receive the announcement, you may complete and submit the online Application Form. Please send an e-mail message to if you have any questions about the program.