Online Workshops

ESL Online Workshops

  • Every week, two workshops (Speak with Confidence & Write with Clarity) are scheduled focusing on various topic
  • Online participation via Zoom
  • Each workshop stands alone, dealing with separate topics
  • Workshop materials will be shared once the workshop is completed


Speak English with Confidence Workshops

Every Thursday, 4:00~5:00 pm via Zoom

Would you like to feel more comfortable speaking English in academic, professional, and everyday life situations?  These workshops are designed to support international students and scholars, and other non-native speakers, with polishing oral communication skills.  Resources for independent practice will also be provided.

Write with Clarity: ESL Academic Writing Workshops

Every Tuesday, 4:00~5:00 pm via Zoom

Writing clearly in English is a challenge for native and non-native writers alike. What is it in a sentence that makes readers judge it as complex and unclear or as direct and easily understood? What general principles can we follow that will enable us to revise a sentence so that readers will judge it as clear and concise? These are the questions we will explore throughout these workshops.

For the workshop topics & schedule, click HERE to download the workshop flyer.