Dedman College Internship Program

Looking for an opportunity to earn academic credit and get real-world experience? Try an internship!

Many Dedman departments offer internships for academic credit.

The process for obtaining an internship for academic credit is:

  1. Identify an internship in your major/minor.
  2. Work with your academic advisor or major/minor instructor and internship supervisor to complete the Internship Learning Contract and the Release of Liability waiver. 
  3. Enroll in the appropriate course for the number of academic credits
    1. 45 hours of internship = 1 unit of credit;
    2. 90 hours of internship = 2 units of credit;
    3. 135 hours of internship = 3 units of credit
  4. Participate in the internship.
  5. Complete the student evaluation, submit the completed instructor and supervisor evaluation, and receive your grade.

For more information contact Lisa Miller at and in person at 134 Clements.