Policy Briefs

The Criminal Justice System and Latinos in an Emerging Latino Area

By: Dr. Betina Cutaia Wilkinson

Interrupted Family Ties: How the Detention or Deportation of a Parent Transforms Family Life

By: Blanca Ramirez

“It is hard right now”: High School Educators Working with Undocumented Students

By: Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez and Carolina Valdivia

Administrative Perspectives on Dual Credit

By: Dr. Hugo Garcia, Dr. Jon McNaughtan,Yvonne Harwood & Dustin Eicke

Philanthropy and Immigration Enforcement: The Role of Grantmaking on Nonprofit Influence During Secure Communities

By: Dr. M. Apolonia Calderon, political science, Texas A&M University

Protecting Children? Assessing the Treatment of Unaccompanied Minors in the U.S.

By: Chiara Galli, sociology, UCLA


Do Latinos Still Support Immigrant Rights Activism? Examining Latino Attitudes a Decade After the 2006 Protest Wave

By: Dr. Sophia Jordan-Wallace, political science, University of Washington and Dr. Chris Zepeda, ethnic studies, UC Berkeley

Speaking in Tongues? Toward a Clearer Understanding of Language Effects on Latino Public Opinion

By: Dr. Efrén O. Pérez, political science, Vanderbilt University

Border Enforcement and Civil Rights Along the Texas-Mexico Border

By: Esther Reyes, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Latina Immigrant Women and Children: Impact of Detention and Lack of Services

By: Dr. Laurie Cook Heffron, Dr. Josie V. Serrata and Dr. Gabriela Hurtado