Graduate Fellowship Program

Scholars of all levels benefit from being able to reach out and learn from colleagues in different disciplines, and developing the skills to communicate with specialists in different fields can be essential to the flourishing of early career scholars. The Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute (DCII) and the Dedman Dean's office Graduate Fellowship Program is designed to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Fellows are mid-career doctoral students in one of the college's twelve Ph.D. programs.

Fellows meet several times a month during the academic year. Meetings include discussions that approach common readings from multi-disciplinary perspectives, as well as attention to developing the kind of disciplinary awareness that is useful when communicating to the broader academy, to funding agencies, and to the wider public about the ways that scholarly research serves society. Fellows are expected to be active participants in the programs sponsored by the DCII. The time commitment corresponds roughly to that of a one-credit graduate course, and the program is designed to enhance, not compete with, the student's course of graduate study.

Fellows enjoy office space, meeting space, and common space in the Hyer and Heroy buildings. In addition, fellows have access to travel support for interdisciplinary professional development, as well as funds to develop a shared project in the spring semester.