Czech and Germany in WWII and the Cold War

May 16 - 26, 2022

We welcome SMU students to apply and encourage SMU alumni, members of the Article II Society, and friends of the CPH to join us for this international expedition exploring the history of central Europe.

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Southern Methodist University’s (SMU’s) Center for Presidential History’s Jeffrey A. Engel and Essential History Expeditions’ Brian DeToy are pleased to partner for an on-site exploration of Prague, Nuremberg, Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin, walking the cities and fields where soldiers fought for Europe’s liberation and spies schemed for generations to create a new world order. This intergenerational tour offers students, alumni, and friends the opportunity to see the places history was made.


This fully guided and immersive tour will explore the people and places of central Europe, from the September 1938 German occupation of Czechoslovakia to the liberation battles in 1944-45; through the battle of Berlin in April-May 1945 that completed Europe’s liberation from Nazi rule; and then on through the decades-long Cold War in the capitals and cities of two nations caught between the Great Powers. We will walk the fields and city streets, learn from local experts and guest lecturers, and be assigned a renowned (or reviled) figure from history to investigate and role-play. Plus, we’ll have plenty of time to explore these iconic sites on your own and to reconnect with SMU friends and students in some of Europe’s most scenic sites. This trip will also provide opportunities to connect with current SMU students through meaningful discussions and mentorship.