Dean's Research Council

Strengthening the ability for faculty to conduct cutting-edge research is a top priority at Dedman College. The Dean’s Research Council provides competitively awarded seed funding for faculty research. This support helps our faculty to compete for larger grants and fellowships from outside SMU. For every $1 invested in the Dean’s Research Council grants, faculty win an average of $11 in outside funding. Strong research programs have a direct impact on the quality of educational experiences available to our students. 100% of donations to the Dean’s Research Council go toward faculty research.

Learn more about the wide range of research currently underway at Dedman College in our research brochure. To join, make a gift online to the Dean’s Research Council.

Dedman College Faculty: download the grant application.


Previous grant recipients:


Jo Guldi, Assistant Professor of History,Recovering the Rent Revolution, an Archival and Digital Expedition


Elfi Kraka, Professor of Chemistry,A New Quantum Chemical Toolbox for Structural Biology – Applied to the Building Blocks of DNA


Jill Kelly, Associate Professor of History, DePole Humanities Award, “The Burden is Heavy, We Need the Men”: Gendered Knowledge in the 1959 Rebellions in South Africa



Jingbo Ye, Professor of PhysicsDeveloping an Integrated Circuit that Drives Arrays with Ultra Low Power

Peng Tao, Assistant Professor Chemistry, Extending the Protein Evolution Paradigm to combat Antibiotic Drug Resistance

Karen Lupo, Professor of Anthropology, Exposing the Myth of the Pristine Rain Forest: Building the Case for the Cultural Landscapes in the Tropical Forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Philippe Chuard, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Time Consciousness: The Lockean View



Mark Chancey, Professor of Religious Studies, DePole Humanities Award, The Good Book as Textbook: Teaching about the Bible in American Public Schools

Alexander Lippert, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Thomas Ritz, Professor of Psychology, Smartphone Monitoring of Airway Inflammation During Psychosocial Stress in Asthma.

William Orr, Professor of Biological Sciences and Svetlana Radyuk, Research Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Dissecting the Role of Peroxiredoxin 6 in Alzheimer's Disease                                                                          

Greg Brownderville, Associate Professor of English, Honorable Mention, Ten Poets from the Future

David Son, Professor of Chemistry and Paul Krueger, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Honorable Mention, Versatile 3D Printing with 'Click' Chemistry                                                  



Herve Tchumkam, Assistant Professor of World Languages and Literatures, DePole Humanities Award, Muslim Citizens. On Islam and Integration in France

Nicolay Tsarevsky, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and John Wise, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Therapeutics                     



Sabri Ates, Associate Professor of History, DePole Humanities Award, In the Name of the Caliph and the Nation: The Sheikh Ubeidullah Rebellion of 1880-1882

Robert Kehoe, Professor of Physics, Terrible Beauties: Supernovae and the Birth of Worlds



Johannes Bauer, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Probing the Secrets of Aging and Longevity



Amy Pinkham, Assistant Professor of Psychology, An Investigation of the Specificity of Amygdala Activation in Schizophrenia as a Biomarker of Paranoia

Lisa Siraganian, Associate Professor of English, Technicolor Textuality:  Corporate Aesthetics, Literature and Experiential Color in Late Modernism, 1930 - 1970

Yunkai Zhou, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Solving Large-Scale Eigen-Related Problems in Materials Science, Statistical Computing, and Data Mining