Gift Opportunities at Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences

Thank you for your support! When you make a gift to Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, you help SMU provide students with exceptional learning experiences. Our faculty create environments that foster academic excellence both in and out of the classroom. We offer top-notch student programs and conduct thoughtful, cutting-edge research by a faculty recognized across the country and, indeed, across the globe. 

Your commitment to the College will support graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships; attract and retain outstanding professors and researchers; and enhance academic programs, facilities and resources. The improvements made through your gifts allow us to continue our tradition as a competitive, innovative and nationally ranked University.

Leave your mark on the next century at Dedman College through your contribution to one or more of the following opportunities:

Dean’s Fund - support of innovation

Gifts to the Dean’s Fund provide the Dean with resources to pursue strategic priorities and innovations such as new programs in health and society, biophysics, or digital humanities that strengthen Dedman College as well as the flexibility to invest in new opportunities that arise during the year. Creating a robust fund for the Dean is an important priority for Dedman College.

Dean’s Research Council - support of faculty research 

Strengthening the ability for Dedman College faculty to conduct cutting-edge research is another significant priority. The Dean’s Research Council provides competitively awarded seed funding for faculty research. This support helps our faculty to compete for larger grants and fellowships from outside SMU. Strong research programs have a direct impact on the quality of educational experiences available to our students. 

Learn more about the wide range of research currently underway at Dedman College in our new
research brochure

Dedman College Fellowships - support of graduate students

Dedman College Fellowships help the school to attract and retain top graduate students. To bring in the best PhD students, who are essential to our faculty’s cutting-edge research, we are raising additional resources for graduate programs. Our goal is to offer more competitive fellowships and enhance the experience of graduate students at Dedman College. 

Dedman College Scholars - support of undergraduate students

The Dedman College Scholars program enriches the University’s intellectual life by providing unique learning opportunities for a select cohort of exceptional undergraduate students. This group of Dedman College majors receives an annual academic scholarship award. With strong alumni support as well as close faculty guidance and mentoring, they become an actively engaged community of scholars.