Allman Family Lecture

The Allman Family Lecture is a yearly lecture that connects SMU students, faculty and the greater Dallas community with highly acclaimed professionals and academic leaders prominent in interdisciplinary disciplines.



Amanda Danning

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
5:30 p.m. Reception, 6:00 p.m. Lecture
McCord Auditorium, Dallas Hall
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The Battle of San Jacinto lasted a mere 18 minutes, however, the killing went on for hours after General Houston gave the order to cease fire. The "No Quarter" warfare which had cost the Texas so dearly at the Alamo and Goliad motivated the Texas soldiers to seek retribution on the overwhelmed Mexican Army and the killing continued for hours. The Texas Revolution ending at San Jacinto helped free Texans from the turbulent government of 1836 under Santa Anna and made a legend of Texas which is still recognized the world over.

Some have believed that the legends surrounding the Battle of San Jacinto have been more myth than history. New research and modern forensics help us understand where the legends come from and tell us more about the lives of the soliders who died there. Danning sets the stage with vivid details building up to April 21, 1836 and then gets the audience to join in as the forensics from one skull after another tells a story. 

About the Speaker: Amanda Danning is a nationally recognized forensic sculptor who performs facial reconstructions on historic figures.  Her works have been featured in numerous books and articles, on television programs and in museums from Washington D.C. to Albuquerque.  She is also an accomplished professional speaker and storyteller.  

Beyond her forensic work, Amanda is a talented sculptor and painter whose works have been on display in shows and galleries throughout Texas. She has also contributed countless displays, including life-size sculptures and portraiture, to many museums in the U.S.


Danning explaining to the audience the events after the battle.

Danning using audience members to reenact events from the battle.