It has become increasingly clear that the complexity of the questions and the problems that we must face in the 21st century require Interdisciplinary work and benefit from the dynamism that comes from collaboration.

The growth of Interdisciplinarity already has lead to the development of new fields which challenge students with synthesis of perspectives.


  • Faculty members from across the University participate in Institute activities.
  • The institute provides a home to interdisciplinary professors based in Dedman Colleges departments but who also might hold joint appointments in one or more departments either in Dedman College or in another school across campus.
  • In the same way, students from every school and departments of the University may take part in Institute programs. Unlike many other universities with interdisciplinary centers and programs, undergraduates represent a central constituency of the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute.

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Advanced Symposium

 Allman Family Lecture 

 Annual Fellows Seminars

 Director Visiting Scholar

 Godbey Lecture Series

 Graduate Fellowship Program

 Law and Statistics at SMU

 Scott Hawkins Lecture Fund

 Research Clusters

 Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

 Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows