Fellows Seminars

Medicine and the Humanities: Suffering, Knowledge, and Culture

Co-organizers: Professor Dennis Foster (English, Dedman College) and Professor Carolyn Smith-Morris (Anthropology, Dedman College)

med humanities


This seminar addresses the growing interest in the humanistic dimensions of medicine. Medicine has a history and exists within history. It touches the subjective lives of practitioners and patients in ways that literature and the arts make visible and comprehensible. It shapes and is shaped by law and economics. It is therefore ripe for interdisciplinary consideration. This seminar focuses in particular on the topic of suffering which occurs at the point of meeting between the science of healing and the subjective experience of illness.

Seminar Participants/Fellows

Rhonda Blair (Theater, Meadows School)
Denise Dupont (World Languages/Spanish, Dedman College)
Robert Howell (Philosophy, Dedman College)
David Markham (MD, Cardiology, UT Southwestern)
Tom Mayo (Dedman School of Law)
Rajani Sudan (English, Dedman College)
Pia Vogel (Biology, Dedman College)

Associate Members/Fellows

John Harper (MD, Cardiology, Presbyterian)
Ron Schleifer (English/Adjunct Prof of Medicine, University of Oklahoma)