Fellows Seminars

Thinking About Agency

“Thinking About Agency”

Co-organizers: Professor Alicia Meuret (Psychology, Dedman College) and Professor Lisa Siraganian (English, Dedman College)


This seminar will explore the nature of agency (the capacity, condition, or state of acting or exerting power) across a range of disciplines. Among the central questions to be addressed are: what are the limits of agency in law, government, business, interpretive studies of culture or artistic creation; how does the role of technology in the 20th century alter the way we think about our ability to exert power or produce an end result;  and what can be learned in one field to think about how agency works and operates in another.

Seminar Participants/Fellows

Philippe Chuard (Philosophy, Dedman College)
Michael Corris (Division of Art, Meadows School of the Arts)
Dayna Oscherwitz (World Languages/French, Dedman College)
Ulrike Schultze (Cox School of Business)
Thomas Siems (Lyle School of Engineering)
Sara Tran (Dedman School of Law