History of Women in America: Rights and Achievements

Fondren Library Media Collection Bi-Annual Film Festival Presents:

History of Women in America: Rights and Achievements

This installment of our festival features the topic Women's Historic Achievements in America and their place in society. Our topic is in honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Women's Suffrage.

Tuesday, October 12th & Wednesday, October 13th
7:00pm - 10pm in McCord Auditorium
3225 University Blvd. in Room 306 Dallas Hall
On the campus of Southern Methodist University
Admission is FREE and free Parking is located in the lot on Daniel Blvd. just off Hillcrest Ave.

Tuesday, October 12th

Speaker : Dr. Joci Caldwell Ryan
From SMU’s Women’s and Studies Program

Films Screened :

Suffragettes in the Silent Cinema
In the days before movies could talk, silent films spoke clearly of sexual politics, and in Suffragettes in the Silent Cinema, rare and wonderful footage opens a historic window into how women’s suffrage was represented in early American cinema.

One Woman One Vote
Why did so many people of both genders vehemently oppose giving women the vote, and how was this attitude overcome? One Woman, One Vote documents the seventy-year battle for woman suffrage, which finally culminated in the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

The Pill
In May 1960, the FDA approved the sale of a pill that arguably would have a greater impact on American culture than any other drug in the nation's history. For women it was liberating: it allowed them to pursue careers, fueled the feminist and pro-choice movements and encouraged more open attitudes towards sex.

Wednesday, October 13th

Films Screened:

A History of Women’s Achievements in America

As adventurers, educators, artists, and freedom fighters, women have played an essential role in the shaping of the United States for 400 years. Celebrate the inspiring accomplishments and victories of American women in every arena of American life. From the earliest pioneers to the intellectual giants of the 20th century, the poets to the prominent social reformers learn about the women at the forefront of American achievement and progress.