Course Approval Criteria

For a course to count towards the minor in Women's and Gender Studies, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of one-half of the content must be focused on some selection or combination of the following: women as a social group; constructions of femininity and/or masculinity; constructions of sexuality and of sexual identities; the role of these constructions in a sex-gender system.

    Exception: in courses where race, ethnicity, or social class are central to the course content and the course explores the intersection of these social categories with gender and sexual identities, gender and sexuality need not constitute a full 50% of the course content.

  2. The content referred to above must be coherently integrated into the course.  It must be articulated in the syllabus and in readings and other assignments.

These requirements were approved by the Women's and Gender Studies Council on 11/21/2011.