Requirements for a Major in the Liberal Arts with a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Qualified students can major in Women's and Gender Studies by pursuing Individualized Studies in the Liberal Arts with a focus on Women's and Gender Studies.

The purpose of this major is to allow qualified students with a strong interest in women's role in culture and society, or of gender issues more generally, to achieve both a deeper and broader knowledge of the interdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies than the minor permits. As with all individualized majors, the requirements by which it is defined are few and general so that the student may tailor the program to meet her or his specific interests and needs.

A Faculty Supervisory Committee composed of the Coordinator of the program and two additional WGST faculty members approve the student's program, oversee the student's progress, and certify completion of the major.

Course Requirements for the Major

  • WGST 2322: Gender: Images and Perspectives

  • At least two of the following: ANTH 3310: Gender and Sex Roles: A Global Perspective; HIST 3312: Women in American History; HIST 3329: Women in Early Modern Europe; PSYCH 3371: Psychology of Women; WGST 6300: Advanced Feminist Theory

  • Students wishing to earn distinction must take a directed studies course that would entail a research project and paper