M.A. In Medieval Studies

Requirements For the M.A. In Medieval Studies: 

Image3 M.A. students are required to earn thirty semester hours of credit. Twenty-four hours are to be taken in graduate level courses and seminars, to be distributed over at least three broad subject areas in medieval studies: history, literature, music, and visual arts [Art / Music History], with no less than six hours in each area.

No more than twelve hours and no less than three hours may be elected in each area. Students are encouraged to take courses in philosophy, religious studies, and church history when they are available. Students may elect three hours in non-medieval courses may be taken in the student's major disciplinary area of concentration with approval of the Director of Medieval Studies. Students must also demonstrate competence—through examination—in intermediate Latin and one other modern or medieval language. The Dallas Medieval Consortium makes it possible for SMU students to enroll without charge in advanced Latin courses regularly offered at UD. Finally, students must write a thesis, of six hours credit, linking materials and methods of more than one discipline; the writing of the thesis is guided by a committee composed of the Director of Medieval Studies and professors from (the) two major subject areas covered by the thesis.