Jewish Studies Minor

The minor Jewish studies offers students of all backgrounds a multi-disciplinary examination of Jewish culture and religion as well as the Jewish people and the State of Israel. The minor requires 15 hours, 9 of which must be at level 3000 or above and in the “Focused Electives” category. Coursework for the minor must be distributed as follows:

Requirements for the Minor Items in Red are new for 2018-19

Credit Hours

Jewish Studies—required


JWST 1300

Introduction to Jewish Studies

General Electives—maximum of 3 credit hours


HIST 2351

Life in the Medieval World, 1095-1350

HIST 3338

History of Spain to 1492

HIST 3351

History of Ancient Mesopotamia

HIST 3390

Modern Middle East: 1914 To Present

RELI 1304

Introduction to Western Religions

RELI 3341

U.S. Religious History from 1865 to the present

RELI 3342

Religion in the United States to 1865

RELI 3352

Love and Death in Ancient Mythology

Focused Electives—minimum of 9 credit hours


ARHS 3317

Land Between Two Rivers: Art of Ancient Iraq and its Neighbors

ARHS 3324

Art and Cultures of Medieval Spain

ARHS 3399

The Medieval Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Art and Text

ENGL 3365

Jewish American Literature and Culture


Literature of the Holocaust

HIST 3363

The Holocaust

HIST 3365-003

Problems in European History: The Black Death

HIST 3371

Conflicts in the Modern Middle East

HIST 3389

Problems in the Middle East: A Modern History of Palestine and Israel

HIST 3396

Coexistence and Conflict in the Middle East

HIST 4314

The Jews in Europe: Middle Ages to Present (SMU-in-Copenhagen)

KNW 2312

Religious and Social Meanings of the Holy Land (SMU-in-Israel)

PLSC 3345

Government and Politics of the Middle East

RELI 1311

Judaism, Christianity and the Bible

RELI 3318

The Hero in the Bible and the Ancient Near East

RELI 3319

Hebrew Bible

RELI 3320

Classical Judaism

RELI 3321

Religion and the Holocaust

RELI 3324

American Judaism

RELI 3347

Dallas’ House of Worship

RELI 3348

Temples, Churches, and Synagogues in the Ancient Mediterranean

RELI 3360

The History of Judaism

RELI 3371

The World of the New Testament

RELI 3383

Reel Judaism: Cinematic Representations of Jewish Life

RELI 3390

A Persistent Prejudice: Antisemitism in Western Civilization

RELI 4388

Special Topics




The Course (JWST)

JWST 1300 (3). Introduction to Jewish Studies. A foundational course taught by various faculty members, that introduces students to Jewish art, history, language, literature, music, religion, and statehood.