Hear from our students

Derek Harrison '13

I decided to pursue an International Studies (IS) major due to personal uncertainty in what I wanted to do career wise post-graduation. The IS major’s variety appealed to me, providing the opportunity to explore topics such as history, economics, political science and a to learn a foreign language. 

Karla González

My International Studies major, with a specialization on Latin America, has played a vital role in getting my career started. I am particularly glad I chose IS because its multidisciplinary curriculum allowed me to also major in Economics and minor in History and Anthropology. The tools and knowledge from the Economics and Anthropology courses in particular have really helped me maneuver this new stage in my life.

Shervin Taheran '13

I double-majored in International Studies and Political Science, along with a minor in Arabic and Human Rights. After graduation, I found a job in Washington D.C.

Lindsey Prowse '12

As a former student of opera and classical voice, I've had the opportunity to study the weight of words and power of communication through music, poetry, and literature. 

Kate Rinehart '11

I have always been interested in foreign travel and working abroad, and so International Studies turned out to be a perfect major for me.

Robin Millican '07

If, like me, you’re someone who is interested in languages, cultures, economics, and political science, but are finding it difficult to choose between them, I would suggest considering International Studies (IS) as a major.

Jessica Ringeisen '10

I would describe International Studies as a major without compromise. It gives you guidelines, but it's up to you to decide what you do with them.




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