Women's and Gender Studies

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ARHS 3365: Race and Gender in Visual Culture
TuTh 2:00-3:20, B. Balanta
This course explores the complex interconnections among race, gender, and politics in visual culture. Analyzes how these identities, locations, and markers are constructed and deployed in various media, including painting, photography, and TV.

ANTH 3310: Gender and Sex Roles: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
TuTh 11:00-12:20, N. Parson
A comparison of the life experiences of women and men throughout the world. We will discuss women's and men's relative power and influence, personality attributes, roles and responsibilities as shaped by both biology and culture.

CCPA 3341: Ethnicity, Culture, and Gender: Introduction to Critical Studies in Communication
TuTh 3:30-4:50, M. Dixon
Explores the impact of culture on the understanding and practice of human communication in interpersonal, organizational, and mass media contexts. Strong emphasis is placed on the role of globalization, race, and socio-economic dynamics as impediments and conduits of crosscultural collaboration and interaction.

ENGL 1360: The American Heroine
MWF 11:00-11:50, N. Schwartz
Images of the American heroine in popular and traditional literature, studied in terms of their reflection of the evolving roles of American women. 

ENGL 3377: Literature and the Construction of Homosexuality
MWF 12:00-12:50, R. Bozorth
A historical exploration of how same-sex desire has been represented and understood in modern literature, as considered in the context of philosophical, religious, and scientific texts since the ancient world.

FILM 3395: Dumb White Guy Politics and Culture
Tu 6:30-9:20, K. Heffernan
An examination of contemporary American culture and politics in the context of White men’s declining wages and educational achievements and their embrace of delusional fantasies offered by advertisers, radio and television broadcasters, Hollywood, and right-wing politics as a temporary distraction from the material social conditions responsible for their anxiety and insecurity.

HIST 3301/HRTS 3301: Human Rights: America's Dilemma
Tu 6:30 – 9:20, R. Halperin
W 6:30 – 9:20, R. Halperin
No society has been totally innocent of human rights abuses. This course will examine certain violations of human rights within their context, and will highlight crimes based upon race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion of both perpetrators and the victims. 

HIST 3317H/HRTS 3317H: Persecution to Affirmation: Sexual Minorities and Human Rights
TuTh 2:00-3:20, D. Doyle, M. Foerster
Examines same-sex sexuality comparatively, using interdisciplinary readings, beginning with the Americas before European contact and then focusing on Europe, Asia, and Africa through time up until the present day. 

HIST 3348: American Families: Changing Experiences and Expectations
TuTh 2:00-3:20, Staff
Explores changes in American family life from the Colonial period to the present. Seeks to understand how family ideals, structures, and roles have shaped and have been shaped by social and historical change.

HX 8323: Women in the History of Christianity
Tu 9:00-11:20, T. Lewis
Perkins course – enrollment with professor permission.
An overview of the historical activities of women in various aspects of Christian church life -- spiritual/monastic, liturgical, theological, political, and missionary -- in the early and medieval/Byzantine periods.

JOUR 4360: Women and Minorities in the Media
TuTh 12:30-1:50, K. Thomas
How do the mass media influence the way women and minorities view themselves and the way they are viewed by others? This course critically examines that question from a historical perspective.

PHIL 3305: Philosophy and Gender
MWF 12:00-12:50, J. Matey
Considers whether or not there are differences between the sexes and whether or not Western science, philosophy, and ethics have been dominated by male thinking. Also, current issues such as pornography, censorship, rape, and reproductive technologies. Students examine writings by feminist philosophers and their critics.

PLSC 4344: Gender in World Politics
TuTh 2:00-3:20, K. Cloward
Survey of classic and contemporary scholarship on women and gender in world politics. The course will introduce students to feminist theoretical frameworks for thinking about politics, as well as to empirical explorations of a variety of key topics within the larger field of gender and politics. Topics include women’s political participation and representation, their role in the family and the state, and their experiences with war, human rights, and globalization.

SOCI 3371: Sociology of Gender
TuTh 2:00-3:20, A. Lincoln
Roles of men and women in American Society; analysis of the acquisition, content, and consequences of sex roles; social movements and implications for social change.

WL 3374: Sex, Gender, and Identity in Germany from the 19th Century to the Present
TuTh 9:30-10:50, M. Gaettens
The courses focuses on the struggle for self-definition and civil rights of gays and women in Germany from the late 19th century to the present. The course will trace the historical experiences of gays and women during this time period and examine representations of sexual minorities and women in literature and film within the specific historical context. We will engage these topics through readings in history, literature and film, as well as life stories.

WGST 2322: Gender: Images and Perspectives
TuTh 3:30 – 4:50, K. Boswell
Tu 6:30 – 9:20, K. Boswell
An introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender as a category for social and cultural analysis. The course explores the way femininity and masculinity are represented and experienced in relation to one another, as well as to other categories of identity (e.g., race, class). It prepares students to take other more specialized courses offered by the WGS Program. 

WGST 3310/HRTS 3310: Gender and Human Rights
Wed 6:30 – 9:20, J. Caldwell-Ryan
Introduction to global women’s human rights and other intersections of human rights and gender such as abuse of children’s rights, gender-based violence, health and reproductive rights and evolving concepts of sexual rights. 

WGST 3380: Human Sexuality
TuTh 11:00 – 12:20, J. Caldwell-Ryan
This course explores the biosocial aspects of human sexuality and sex behaviors from a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, addressing a wide range or theoretical and pragmatic social issues. 

WGST 4303: Women’s Studies Internship
This course offers students experience with organizations serving women or addressing women's and gender issues, as well as with varied potential careers or volunteer opportunities in the community.

 WGST 4309: Independent Studies
A supervised practicum and/or directed readings on specific problems or themes under faculty guidance. Approval of Coordinator is required.