Women's and Gender Studies

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ARHS 3358: Gender and Sexuality in the Visual Arts
TuTh 9:00 – 10:20, Staff
Considers the representation of gender and sexuality in the visual arts, as well as the gendering of art production, patronage, and viewership. Topics may include the work of female artists, representations of male and female bodies, the role of the visual arts in constructing, subverting, norms of gender and sexuality, and the gendering of art theory and the art historical canon.

ASCE 3320: Sex, Drugs, and Rocks
TuTh 12:30 -3:20, B. Molanphy
Traditional and current uses of pots include Greek wares for gymnasia and bacchanalia, Chinese tea ware, Central American chocolate ware, North American dinnerware, and South African brewery ware, as well as pots that celebrate bodily functions such as giving birth and pots that depict parts of the body gendered, sexualized, or related to reproduction. After studying these pots and their contexts, the ceramics of living artists particularly concerned with topics such as sex and drugs, and texts about various pots and their contents, students make their own interpretations by undertaking the ceramic process as an artificial geological process.

ENGL 3344: Victorian Gender
TuTh 11:00 – 12:20, B. Newman
The literature and social history of the period, exploring the perceived “truths” about gender that prevailed in 19th-century Britain and contrasting those “truths” with the responses of contemporaries as well as with the realities that contradict them. 

FREN 5334: Genre Studies: French Woman Writers and Society
TuTh 11:00 - 12:30, M. Foerster
Survey of women’s writing and its principal themes from the Middle Ages to the present. We will examine the major characteristics of women’s lives both in society and within the family structure. For each author studied, we will determine in what ways she was extraordinary (or ordinary) in her own time and her impact on today’s society. In French.

HIST 1233: Introductory Topics in European History: Renaissance Queens and Mistresses
TuTh 11:00 – 12:20, K. Wellman
Offers the first- or second-year student the opportunity for intensive exploration of particular topics in European history in a small-class setting.

HIST 3301/HRTS 3301: Human Rights: America’s Dilemma
Tu 6:30 – 9:20, R. Halperin
No society has been totally innocent of human rights abuses. This course will examine certain violations of human rights within their context, and will highlight crimes based upon race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion of both perpetrators and the victims.

HIST 3312: Women in American History to 1900
TuTh 11:00 – 12:20, C. DeLuzio
Surveys the history of American women from the colonial era to 1900, with attention to women’s sense of self, their private and public experiences, and their power and status in American society. We will study these issues in the context of social, cultural, economic, and political developments of this period.

HIST 3316: History of Sex in America
TuTh 9:30 – 10:50, D. Doyle
This course will test the hypothesis that gender and sexuality are constructed categories. Readings drawn from anthropology, history, literary criticism, and psychiatry.

HIST 3329: Women in Early Modern Europe
TuTh 2:00 – 3:20, K. Wellman
A study of the influence of women in European society and intellectual movements from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment.

JOUR 4360: Women and Minorities in the Media
TuTh 3:30 – 4:50, K. Thomas
MW 2:00 – 3:20, K. Thomas
How do the mass media influence the way women and minorities view themselves and the way they are viewed by others?  This course critically examines that question from a historical perspective.

PLSC 3370: Women and Politics
Th 6:30 – 9:20, D. Lemi
A survey of women as candidates, legislators, members of the executive branch, and soldiers, as well as the impact of several areas of policy, including single-sex education, women and the workplace and the development of the global economy.

SOCI 3351: Sociology of the Family
TuTh 9:30 – 10:50, A. Laurent-Simpson
TuTh 12:30 – 1:50, Staff
The purpose of this course is to enhance understanding of the relationship between social structure and the family.  We will use sociological theories and concepts to describe/explain the historical development of the family, variations in the American family, and current issues and changes affecting the family. 

THEA 4381: Studies in Contemporary Performance: Solo Performance
TuTh 3:30 - 4:50, R. Blair
Surveys selected figures and issues in contemporary performance art and solo performance, ranging from the “mainstream” to the “alternative,” with special attention given to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and class. Each student makes a short original performance piece.

WGST 2322: Gender: Images and Perspectives
TuTh 11:00 – 12:20, K. Boswell
Tu 6:30 – 9:20, K. Boswell
Fulfills: WoK, IIC1, HD
An introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender as a category for social and cultural analysis. The course explores the way femininity and masculinity are represented and experienced in relation to one another, as well as to other categories of identity (e.g., race, class). It prepares students to take other more specialized courses offered by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. 

WGST 3310/HRTS 3310: Gender and Human Rights
Wed 6:30 – 9:20, J. Caldwell-Ryan
Introduction to global women’s human rights and other intersections of human rights and gender such as abuse of children’s rights, gender-based violence, health and reproductive rights and evolving concepts of sexual rights.

WGST 3380: Human Sexuality
TuTh 3:30 - 4:50, J. Caldwell-Ryan
Fulfills: WoK, IIC1, HD
A survey of women as candidates, legislators, members of the executive branch, and soldiers, as well as the impact of several areas of policy, including single-sex education, women and the workplace and the development of the global economy. 

WGST 4303: Women’s Studies Internship
This course offers students experience with organizations serving women or addressing women's and gender issues, as well as with varied potential careers or volunteer opportunities in the community.

WGST 4309: Independent Studies
A supervised practicum and/or directed readings on specific problems or themes under faculty guidance. Approval of Coordinator is required.

WL 4345/HRTS 4345: Women’s Rights and Human Rights in Literature by Latin American Women
TuTh 12:30 – 1:50, E. Russ
This course introduces students to key moments in Latin American history and literature by focusing on writings by women from the Colonial Period to the present century.