European Studies

European Studies Curriculum & Courses

The minor in European Studies requires 15 hours of study in specific courses. The first 6 hours (two courses) must be chosen from the four categories of the International Studies Basic Curriculum. Each of the two courses must be from a separate category: World Cultures, International Politics, International Economics, or Global Perspectives

The next 9 hours (three courses) must be chosen from the European Studies curriculum (below), with at least one course from each of the two groups: Group I (Social Sciences) or Group II (Humanities and Arts). At least nine hours of the minor must be at the 3000 level or above. If a student is an International Studies major, only one course from the Area Studies curriculum may be double counted. 

A co-curricular requirement for the minor in European Studies is two years of college-level study of a European language other than English. This requirement may be met through examination, the transfer of language study credit from another university, or by taking courses on campus.

Introduction to World Cultures
ANTH 2301 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
HIST 1302 World Cultures and Civilization
International Politics
PLSC 1340 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLSC 1380 Introduction to International Relations
PLSC 1380 Introduction to International Relations
International Economics
ECO 3321 International Economics Policy (prerequisites: ECO 1311 & 1312)
ECO 4357 International Trade (prerequisite: ECO 3301)
ECO 4358 International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (prerequisite: ECO 3302)
The Global Perspective
ADV 3354 International Advertising (SMU in London)
ANTH 3301 Health, Healing and Society
ANTH 3310 Gender and Sex Roles: A Global Perspective
ANTH 3327 Culture Change and Globalization: Social Science Perspectives
ANTH 3336 Gender and Globalization
ANTH 3344 Cultural Aspects of Business
ANTH 3366 Magic, Myth and Religion Across Cultures
ANTH 3368 Urban Life: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 4303 Political Economy of Health
ANTH 4384 Global Issues and Development: An Overview (Seniors Only)
ARHS 1307 World Art Traditions: A Survey
CCPA 3321 International Public Relations (SMU in London)
ECO 5360 Economic Development in the Third World (prerequisite: EC 3301 and 3302)
ECO 5361 Natural Resources and Energy Economics
ECO 5362 Economic Growth
ENGL 3354 Non Western Culture and Literature (20th Century, Third World Texts)
FINA 4329 International Finance (Prerequisite: FINA 3320)
HIST 2380 Ethnic Regions in the Western World
HIST 3306 Colony to Empire: U.S. Diplomacy 1789-1941
HIST 3337 Ethical Dilemmas in a Global Age
HIST 3397 Modernity and Crises of Identity
HIST 3399 US Foreign Policy from the Spanish American War to Vietnam
MKTG 3300 Marketing Management Field Project (Study Abroad Programs)
MKTG 3348 International Marketing
PLSC 3342 Making Democracy Work
PLSC 3365 Communism and Post-Communism
PLSC 3382 International Organizations: Global and Regional
PLSC 3382 The American Foreign Policy Process
PLSC 3387 Political Geography
PLSC 3389 International Political Economy (also SMU in Oxford)
PLSC 3390 Negotiating International Trade
PLSC 4342 Why Nations Revolt
PLSC 4354 The Third World and North-South Relations
PLSC 4380 Special Studies in International Relations
PLSC 4380 From Marx to Market (SMU in Paris)
PLSC 4381 National Security Policy
PLSC 4382 The Politics of Military Force
PLSC 4391 NAFTA and Free Trade in the Americas
PLSC 4398 Nuclear Weapons and World Politics
RELI 3366 Magic, Myth and Religion Across Cultures
SOCI 3340 Global Society
SOCI 3368 Urban Life: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 3355 Society and Culture in Contemporary Europe
ANTH 3355 Nationalism in Europe (SMU in Copenhagen)
BA 3300 European Business Environment: The EU (SMU in Copenhagen)
BA 4315 EU Seminar (SMU in Copenhagen)
HIST 2366 Europe in the Modern World: 1760 to Present
HIST 3303 Modern England, 1867-present
HIST 3328 Economic History of Europe: 1000 A.D. to the present
HIST 3330 Women in Modern European History
HIST 3334 France since 1789
HIST 3340 The Revolutionary Experience in Russia, 1900-1930
HIST 3341 Soviet/Post Soviet Society and Politics, 1917 to Present
HIST 3343 20th Century European History (SMU in Copenhagen)
HIST 3346 Modern England, 1714 to the Present (also SMU in Oxford)
HIST 3363 The Holocaust
HIST 3365/66 Problems in European History
HIST 3365 The Making of Modern Europe (SMU in Spain)
HIST 3366 France, America and the Atlantic World (SMU in Paris)
HIST 3367 Revolutions in European History
HIST 3374 Diplomacy in Europe: Napoleon to European Union (also SMU in Oxford)
HIST 3376 Social and Intellectual History of Europe
HIST 3381 Political History of Contemporary Spain (SMU in Spain)
HIST 3383 Hapsburg Monarchy: Making of East Central Europe
HIST 3385 The Balkan Peninsula in its European Context
HIST 4314 The Jews in Europe (SMU in Copenhagen)
HIST 4363 Inside Nazi Germany
HIST 4369 History of Modern Germany
HIST 4381 History of Spain, 1469 to the Present
HIST 4388 Georgian and Victorian England, 1714-1867 (also SMU in Oxford)
HIST 5367 Russia from the Kievan Era to 1881
HIST 5371 The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815
HIST 5373 Europe from Bismarck to WWI
HIST 5374 Recent European History, 1918 to the Present
HIST 5376 Europe in the Age of Enlightenment, 1715-1789
HIST 5390 Seminar in Russian History
HIST 5392 Seminar in European History
PLSC 3340 Western European Politics
PLSC 3351 Russia: Politics and Society (SMU in Copenhagen)
PLSC 3358 Government and Politics of Russia
PLSC 3359 From Communism to Democracy
PLSC 4340 Anglo-American Democracy (SMU in Oxford)
PLSC 4340 Danish Politics and Society (SMU in Copenhagen)
PLSC 4343 Nationalism in Europe (SMU in Copenhagen)
PLSC 4358 Soviet Politics: Revolution to Revolution
PLSC 4380 Historical and Contemporary Issues of the European Construction (SMU in Paris)
PLSC 4384 America-Russia Relationship: Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
PLSC 5341 Western European Politics: The EU
PLSC 5383 European Conflict and Security Issues (SMU in Copenhagen)
SOCI 5363 Criminal Justice in Scandinavia (SMU in Copenhagen)

ARHS 1331 Nineteenth Century European Art
ARHS 1332 Twentieth Century Art: Sources of Modern Art
ARHS 2352 From Impressionism to Abstract: European Art 1870 to 1920 (Copenhagen)
ARHS 3329 Paris Art and Architecture I (SMU in Paris)
ARHS 3332 Masters of European Art (SMU in Copenhagen)
ARHS 3333 Art and Architecture in Italy (SMU in Italy)
ARHS 3339 El Greco to Goya: Spanish Painting in the Golden Age
ARHS 3344 Paintings in the Prado (SMU in Spain)
ARHS 3346 Paris Art and Architecture II (SMU in Paris)
ARHS 3347 XVIII Century European Art and Theatre: Staging Revolution
ARHS 3352 Impressionism, Symbolism  (SMU in Paris)
ARHS 3353 Impressionism in Context (SMU in Paris)
ARHS 4344 Images of Power: Kings, Nobles and Elites (SMU in Paris)
CTV 2352 History of European Film (SMU in Copenhagen)
CTV 3310 Themes in European Film (Smu in Copenhagen)
CTV 3310 Screen Artists (SMU in Italy)
CTV 4305 Motion Pictures of Paris (SMU in Paris)
ENGL 3341 British Literary History II
ENGL 3344 Victorian Gender
ENGL 3360 Writers in Paris: The Invention of Modernism (SMU in Paris)
FL 2343 After Communism
FL 3303 Spanish Civilization (SMU in Spain)
FL 3307 The Belle Epoque and the Birth of Modernity (SMU in Paris)
FL 3323 Russian Culture
FL 3331 Survey of Russian Literature in Translation
FL 3361 French Literature
FL 3369 Perspectives on Modern Germany
FL 3390 Italian Cinema
FL 3391/92 Italian Literature
FREN 4373 French Civilization: The Age of Enlightenment (SMU in Paris)
FREN 4374 French Civilization: The XIXth Century (SMU in Paris)
PHIL 3333 European Thought: From Modernism to Post Modernism (SMU in Copenhagen)
PHIL 3352 History of Western Philosophy-Modern
PHIL 3370 Nineteenth Century Philosophy
PHIL 3370 Kierkegaard: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life (SMU in Copenhagen)
PHIL 3382 XXth Century European Philosophy