Degree Requirements

Dallas Hall

Elective Courses

A total of 15 credit hours are required with the minimum in each grouping indicated.

Elective Courses 15 hours total Department
Nat Science or Stat 3 hours minimum BIOL, CEE, ENSE, GEOL, STAT
Social Science or Humanities 3 hours minimum ANTH, ECO, ENSC, HIST, PHIL, SOC
Business or Engineering 3 hours minimum MNO, CEE
SMU abroad 0 minimum ENST

BIOL 3303 Evolution (Prerequisites: BIOL 1401, 1402 and 3304)
BIOL 3308 Biology of Marine Mammals (SMU-in-Copenhagen) (Prerequisites: BIOL 1401 and 1402)
BIOL 3309 Marine Biology of European Coastal Waters (SMU-in-Copenhagen) (Prerequisites: BIOL 1401 and 1402; CHEM 1303 and 1113)
BIOL 3310 Ecology and Human Impact in the North and Baltic Seas (SMU-in-Copenhagen) (Prerequisites: BIOL 1401 and 1402; CHEM 1303 and 1113)
BIOL 3342 Plant Kingdom
BIOL 3343 Field Botany (SMU-in-Taos)
CEE 2421 Aquatic Chemistry (Prerequisites: CHEM 1303 and 1304)
ENSC 3313 Techniques in Wildlife Management (SMU-in-Kenya)
GEOL 3330 Resources and the Environment (Prerequisite: 1300-level course in earth sciences or permission of instructor)
GEOL 3340 Face of the Earth (Prerequisite: 1300-level course in earth sciences or permission of instructor)
GEOL 3359 Computer Methods in Geological Sciences (Prerequisite: Permission of instructor)
GEOL 3363 Environmental Geology Seminar (Prerequisite: 1300-level course in earth sciences or permission of instructor)
GEOL 3366 Environmental Geology and Geochemical Cycles (Prerequisites: High school algebra and chemistry and one 1300-level course in earth sciences)
GEOL 3472 Principles of Sedimentation (Prerequisite: Credit or registration for GEOL 3451, or permission of instructor)
GEOL 5370 Global Change (Prerequisite: GEOL 3340 or permission of instructor)
GEOL 5368 Paleoecology (Prerequisite: GEOL 3369 or permission of instructor)
GEOL 5384 Hydrogeology (Prerequisites: MATH 1338 and CHEM 1304, or permission of instructor)
STAT 3380 Environmental Statistics (Prerequisite: STAT 2301 or 2331, or equivalent)
STAT 5371 Experimental Statistics I (Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor)
STAT 5372 Experimental Statistics II (Prerequisite: STAT 5371)

ANTH 3319 Human Ecology
ANTH 3374 Cultures and Environments of the Southwest (Dallas and SMU-in-Taos)
ANTH 3384 Paradise Lost? The Archaeology and Ethics of Human Environmental Impacts (Dallas and SMU-in-Taos)
ANTH 3385 Sustainable Living
ANTH 4346 Environmental Anthropology (Prerequisite: ANTH 2301)
ECO 4366 Economics of the Public Sector (Prerequisite: ECO 1301)
ECO 4382 Economics of Regulated Industries (Prerequisite: ECO 3301)
ECO 5301 Environmental Economics (Prerequisites: ECO 3301 and 3302, or permission of instructor)
ECO 5360 Economic Development (Prerequisites: ECO 3301 and 3302, or equivalent courses)
ECO 5361 Natural Resources and Energy Economics (Prerequisites: ECO 3301 and 3302)
ENSC 3310 Economic and Ethical Issues in Sustainable Development (SMU-in-Costa Rica)
ENSC 3311 Principles of Resource Management (SMU-in-Costa Rica)
ENSC 3315 Environmental Policy and Socioeconomic Values (SMU-in-Kenya)
HIST 3318 Human History of Natural Disasters
PHIL 3377 Animal Rights
SOC 4321 Immigration and Population Issues (Prerequisites: SOCI 2300 or 2310, and SOCI 3311 or 3312)

CEE 1302 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 2304 Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (Prerequisites: CHEM 1303 and MATH 1338)
CEE 3341 Introduction to Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (Prerequisites: CEE 2304 and 2421)
CEE 3355 Environmental Impact Evaluation, Policy, and Regulation (Prerequisite: CEE 2304)
CEE 5325 Disaster Management
MNO 3375 Corporate Ethics and Organizational Responsibility (Prerequisite: MNO 3370 for Cox majors and minors only)
MNO 4371 Leadership and Culture (Prerequisite: MNO 3370; for non-Cox students, approval of Cox B.B.A. Advising Office, junior standing and two courses in psychology or sociology may be substituted for the prerequisite)