Degree Requirements

Dallas Hall

Core Courses

Below you will find the required courses for the Environmental Studies major:

BIOL/GEOL 3307 Ecology (Prerequisite: BIOL 1402 or permission of instructor)
GEOL 1301 Earth Systems or one 1000-level GEOL class of student’s choice
GEOL 3353 Modern and Ancient Climates (Prerequisite: GEOL 1301 or permission of instructor)
HIST 3309 North American Environmental History
PP 3310 Environmental Policy
STAT 2331 Introduction to Statistical Methods (Dallas and SMU-in-Taos)
STAT 2301 Statistics for Modern Business Decisions (Prerequisite: CEE Math Fundamentals or equivalent)

Research Options

A senior thesis is required, with a field, research or other practical component taken in a department relevant to the student’s interests. For example:

ANTH 4391 or 4392 Independent Study (Prerequisites: Approval of the director of Undergraduate Studies and a faculty sponsor)
CCJN 5308 Honors Thesis
ECON 4398 Departmental Distinction in Economics (Prerequisites: 3.7 GPA in economics classes and 3.5 GPA overall, and approval of a faculty sponsor)
GEOL 4399 Integrative Research (Prerequisite: Permission of faculty adviser)