Degree Requirements

Dallas Hall

Abroad Courses

3100, 3200, 3300. Special Topics Abroad. Courses offered in SMU-approved international programs. Prior departmental approval required. May be repeated for credit under different subtitle. Maximum of 6 credit hours permissible toward the B.A. in environmental studies.

3310. Economic and Ethical Issues in Sustainable Development. Class will address and apply principles of ecological economics to assess the sustainability of development models at the micro and macro level. Basic concepts of ecological economics cost-benefit valuation techniques will be presented and applied to the local people, government and aid agencies for the implementation of sustainable development models. (SMU-in-Costa Rica only)

3312. Directed Research. (SMU-in-Costa Rica)

3315. Environmental Policy and Socioeconomic Values. Class will introduce students to the major constituencies that affect African conservation (nongovernmental conservation groups, economic interests, etc.) and their underlying philosophies. Students will learn to determine effective approaches to resource management. (SMU-in-Kenya only)

3316. Directed Research. (SMU-in-Kenya)