Degree Requirements

Dallas Hall

Degree Requirements

Environmental Studies Major

Professor Neil Tabor, Director

The B.A. in environmental studies provides students with the tools necessary to address society’s environmental problems through careers in government, nongovernmental or educational organizations, public policy, business and related fields. It is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates courses from numerous departments and three schools around the University. The environmental studies major can be tailored to emphasize an area of interest (e.g., environmental biology, sustainability and globalization, environmental policy) and would be complemented by minors or other majors in environmental earth science, economics, business, environmental science, biology, anthropology, journalism, corporate communications and public affairs, advertising, sociology and many of the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Requirements for the B.A. Degree. The environmental studies major requires 36 total hours, consisting of 21 hours of core classes and 15 hours of electives. The core classes provide the student with the appropriate concepts and tools to understand the scope of global, regional and local environmental issues.

Majors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for study abroad and to seek relevant internships. Internship courses are offered in many departments and can be counted toward the major by petition.