Environmental Science

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Previous Speakers for the Environmental Science Program

"Scientific Constraints and Policy Implications of Global Environmental Change"

Allen Solomon, Ph.D.

Climate Change Specialist,
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory

"Exploring For Oil And Gas in The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) on the North Slope of Alaska: Shoring Up Domestic Supply or Defiling the Environment?"

Naresh Kumar, Ph.D.

Petroleum Geologist
President, Growth Oil and Gas, Inc.

"Conservation in the Field: The Search for the Con Giai (Conzai), the World's Largest and Rarest Freshwater Turtle, and How it's Important to YOU!"

Peter Pritchard, Ph.D.

Conservation Biologist
Chelonian Research Institute

"Using the Law to Protect Nature"

Melinda Taylor, Ph.D.

Senior Attorney
Environment Defense

"A Pragmatic Perspective Toward Water Resource Sustainability: Examples from Texas"

Charles Kreitler, Ph.D.

Principal, LBG-Guyton Associates

"Where's the Beef? Egg Yolk is Induced in Turtle and Fish by Estrogen in Runoff from Beef Farms"

Eva Oberdörster, Ph.D.

Department of Biological Sciences, SMU

"Exploring the World of Plants: Unfinished Business"

Peter Crane, Ph.D.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (London)

"EPA, Environmental Issues, and Public Responsibility"

Dr. Troy Stuckey, Ph.D.

Regional Science Correspondent, EPA,
Washington, D.C., and
Adjunct Assistant Professor, SMU

"If It Still Snows in July, Why Be Concerned About Global Warming in the Arctic?"

Dr. Laura Gough, Ph.D.

Department of Biology,
University of Texas at Arlington

"Impacts of Agriculture on Global Biodiversity."

Dr. Catherine Badgley, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Museum of Paleontology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

"Impacts of Botanical Research on Conservation: Examples from the Peruvian Amazon."

Dr. John Janovec, Ph.D.

Research Botanist,
Head, 'Andes to Amazon Botany Program' Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) Fort Worth, Texas

"Water, Water Everywhere...and All the Rivers did Shrink."

Larry D. McKinney, Ph.D.

Senior Director Aquatic Resources,
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Austin Texas

"Arithmetic, Population and Energy."

Albert A. Bartlett, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics,
University of Colorado at Boulder

"Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and The World Economy."

Matthew R. Simmons

Chairman & Former CEO,
Simmons & Company Int'l

"The Unfolding Energy Crisis and its Impact on Development Patterns."

James Howard Kunstler

Urban Planning Advocate, Journalist and Novelist
The City in Mind, The Geography of Nowhere, and Home from Nowhere. His most recent book, The Long Emergency, deals with the problem of suburban sprawl and how it could be impacted by the energy crisis.

"Black Smoke to Backlash - A History of Earth Days"

Douglas La Follette, Ph.D.

Secretary of State Wisconsin,
Environmental Activist

"What Are The Impacts of Climate Change and What Can We Do to Head Them Off?"

Andrew Dessler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University